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Mac Cosmetics Beautiful Escape // Second Edition Review

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had an amazing weekend. One of my first ever posts on this blog was a Birchbox review, way back in the day when subscription boxes were the biggest thing. Now don't get me wrong, I still love the idea of subscription boxes and there's so many different ones available now, but often they're quite overpriced and overall just not worth it (in my opinion). However, I had a quick peep on the MAC Cosmetics website and this one-off bundle caught my eye, mainly because of the variety of products in it and the brands. 

So the idea surrounding this beauty 'box' is that it's filled with products which are perfect for your summer travels, I actually love that it doesn't come in a box because the little travel pouch is so beautiful and the perfect size. It costs £25.00 and is available on the MAC Cosmetics website

MAC Intensity Lipstick Ginger Rose : This product is definitely the shining star of this makeup bundle as it's full size! I love the shade of this as it's a really gorgeous pink, which you can easily build up to be as intense as you'd like. The formula is fantastic too as it's pigmented and lasts such a long time without having to constantly top it up. 

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover 30ml : I am going to be honest, I haven't tried this as of yet because the lid is actually stuck and I can't get it off (lol). But what I will say is that 30ml will go a long way and it's a reasonable size for a travel product.

Origins Anti-Oxidant Cleanser with White Tea 15ml: I do love this cleanser, I have been using it as a second cleanser as it leaves my skin feeling so nourished and refreshed. The only bad thing about it is that the smell is quite intense, it kind of has a liquorice scent to it which if you love that, it's fine but unfortunately I don't.  

Origins Energy Boosting Moisturiser 15ml : I love this moisturiser and I'll definitely be buying the full size of this, it's so nourishing but the perfect day moisturiser as it leaves your skin feeling and looking plump and radiant for a long period of time. I also love that it smells of chocolate orange. 

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara 5ml : The only bad thing about this mascara is that the shape makes it quite hard to get into the corners of your eyes as the wand is so short. But aside from that it's a lovely mascara which lengthens and separates lashes so well, it definitely has that 'eye opening' effect. 

Aveda Body Lotion 50ml : I do like this body lotion, it's soothing and hydrating but I wouldn't repurchase the full size simply because I am quite fussy about body lotions. I like something which isn't too tacky and dries almost instantly where as this one isn't really like that. 

Bumble and Bumble Shampoo 60ml : This is such a nice shampoo and if I wasn't so stingey about hair care products I would buy the full size of this. It's so nice and hydrating and leaves your hair feeling nourished and shiny. 

Bumble and Bumble Conditioner 60ml : I really suffer with dry hair and it's been particularly bad recently with all the hot weather, but this conditioner leaves my hair feeling so soft and hydrated. It's a shame I am so frugal with hair products, maybe i'll have to give in and buy the full size of this one. 

Overall i've really loved using all the products in this set, and think it's definitely one of the best beauty boxes i've ever used. The range of products you get is perfect, a good selection of skincare, hair and beauty products to try from some amazing brands. I was worried that the 15ml Origins products would be sort of one or two use products but i've used them a few times now and they seem to be lasting well. I love that you get a full size MAC lipstick as well, it definitely makes the bundle worth the money. I also love that it's not a stereotypical 'box' and you can get good use out of the bag it comes with.

 If you are looking to try out a new beauty box which isn't your typical subscription box, I would definitely recommend trying this one. I'd love to know if you're subscribed to any at the minute and what your favourite beauty box subscriptions are! 



  1. That Mac lipstick is such a gorgeous shade! Love the pink 🎀💕

    Arianna |

  2. The makeup bag is so pretty and I think you've got a great range of products. I mean, who can say no to some cute minis? x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. I'm completely obsessed with minis, they're so cute and perfect for travelling! X x

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