Monday, 30 July 2018

Summer Nails with All That Jazz

Hello everyone! Well here we go with my apologies for being absent for so long, i've been juggling a million and one different things and i'm feeling slightly overwhelmed, but anyway, back to business. I hope you're all well, how did you cope with the recent heatwave we've had? I do love the sunshine but i'm definitely a cold-weather girl. I love Autumn and Winter and not feeling constantly sweaty!

Anyway, speaking of Summer there's a few things things I do love about it, and that includes the fashion and accessories. I'm so excited to share this fabulous new brand discovery with you all, All That Jazz

So first of all I am a nightmare when it comes to painting my nails, i'm admittedly rather lazy and do leave my nails if i'm going out. Although, I have been trying to make more of an effort and these new nail polishes by All That Jazz * have definitely helped, they're the perfect, bright Summer shades.  

These particular shades are part of the new Caribbean collection which retails at £29.95, or if you'd rather you can buy the shades separately. 

Don't Be a Jerk-y: This shade is so perfect for the Summer, it's a beautiful coral-pink. It looks so good with a tan and is a bit more subtle in comparison to the brighter shades in this set, so it's perfect to wear for lots of different occasions.

Jamaican Me Crazy: Again, this shade is a beautiful deep coral-pink and has the most gorgeous flecks of glitter in it which are perfect for sparkling in the sunshine. It's perfect for every occasion!

Patty Cake: This is definitely a gorgeous statement shade for Summer, I actually think it's gorgeous and works well with a lot of different outfits. It's the most perfect bold, bright blue and definitely gives me ocean vibes. 

Caribbean Queen: I think this shade would work well during other times of the year as well as Summer, as it's a beautiful royal purple and goes well with so many different outfits. 

Overall I was so impressed with the formula for these nail polishes, bright and bold colours can often be hard to pull off but these are so pigmented and look so beautiful on. I've said before, i'm a lazy girl when it comes to doing my nails but with this formula I only need one coat for these shades, bearing in mind I do always put a base coat on. They have a gorgeous, glossy finish which makes them look so professional and they're perfect for Summer.

I am so happy I discovered this brand as they have so many gorgeous shades of nail polish on their website, I'll definitely have to stock up. What I love as well is that they're so affordable yet you get such a generous amount of product in each bottle.

I'd love to know what you think of these shades, which one is your favourite?!



  1. I love these shades 💞

    Arianna |

  2. These colours are gorgeous!!! I’ve never seen shades so bright


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