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My Festival Essential Guide

Hello everyone! I took a week off from blogging just because my work schedule has been pretty hectic so literally all i've wanted to do is just chill out and sleep, i'd love to focus solely on blogging and creating content but between work and sorting out post-grad stuff I have been drained. Anyway, sorry for the moaning! I've been loving the sunshine we've been having, it just brightens everyone's moods and makes it feel like a proper Summer, which England is not known for! 

Today's post is in partnership with a recently discovered brand,, who do such a good variety of health and lifestyle products at a really affordable price. I thought i'd put together a little list of things which I think are festival essentials, and some tips and advice to go along with them. So, if you're heading to any festivals this year or just fancy a peep at some useful products at a great price then look no further!


Okay, so festival makeup is a large area. I love all the festival glitters and extreme makeup looks but in reality, they only work for one day festivals in my opinion. You don't want to be using up all your wipes on day 1 of Reading or Leeds when you have 4 days left. So, save the extreme looks for if you're going for a short trip and go for a less-heavy, but still poppin' look for if you're staying at a festival a longer time. (Trust me, less is more in every festival situation!) have some great makeup products at a really great price, these Ardell lashes are so beautiful and I also love the gold Mavala nail polish, as it's the perfect shade so you don't have to keep topping it up and it's not as noticeable when it chips. 


To most festival goers, this is the boring part of travelling but very essential in my opinion. This medical kit has everything you could need in it, obviously if you have any medical issues take whatever you need with you, but if you need plasters, bandages or other little bits this is perfect. Painkillers are also great for those mornings when you're feeling a little groggy (courtesy of that festival cider), or if you're just feeling a little under the weather. Hand sanitiser is also a necessity, there's SO many germs at festivals, you will get sick but having hand sanitiser just kills germs so when you're eating or if you've been to the toilet it's a bit less gross. Also, how cute are these fold-up toothbrushes, they are perfect for festivals because you can bin them afterwards and they're so compact!  

- Any medication you'll need
- Health kit (with plasters etc...)
- Hand sanitiser
- Toothbrush (travel size toothpaste)
- Painkillers
- Condoms/Contraception


I'm going to keep it real with you, unless you're staying at a hotel or not camping, the dream of washing your hair at a festival is pretty non-existent. Dry shampoo will be your best friend, this Aussie one is such a good price and size as it will last you the whole trip and smells amazing. So dry shampoo will help you freshen your hair up, if you want to take any products with you having a travel size version is great because it will take up less room in your bag. (More room for the wine!) 

- Dry shampoo
- Travel size products 


Everyone's favourite situation (yikes, just kidding!) But in reality, you're not going to be doing your ten step morning and evening skincare routine so makeup wipes are your best option. They're compact, easy to use and dispose of and convenient. The micellar water wipes are the best option for cleansing, especially these ones by Freederm as they are fragrance and alcohol free so won't ruin your skin. Also, a big batch of baby wipes will do the trick as you won't be getting any bubble baths or nice warm showers unfortunately. 

- Baby wipes
- Facial wipes (micellar water)

So, to sum it all up less is more! You don't want to be carrying loads with you and also, it's important to save room in your bag for alcohol or clothes or any other bits you need to take with you. Health and hygiene is really important, even if you're just going away for a few days so I think everything in this post is an essential in my opinion! is a great online shop for getting bits and bobs like this, they have such a huge variety of products so it's definitely worth checking them out, they're cheaper than Superdrug and Boots for a lot of things!

I hope you enjoyed this little post, let me know in the comments what your festival essentials are or if you're going to any festivals this year!


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