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Best Products, Tips and Tricks for Taming Frizzy, Thick Hair

Happy July everyone, I am honestly so shocked at how quickly the time is going. I feel like this Summer is just going to fly by and i'm not ready, although Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year i've really been enjoying the Summer. We've been so lucky with the gorgeous weather, i've finally finished university and i've just been enjoying my free time. 

Now, being a girl with naturally quite frizzy and very thick hair, this time of the year and this heatwave is quite frankly, stressful. That sounds like an exaggeration but honestly, if you don't have to blow dry your hair in this heat then you're a very lucky person. Anyway, I have been using some products and getting into some habits which do seem to be helping tame the beast that is my hair. (Think Hermione in the fist Harry Potter film, or maybe even Hagrid...)

So, the first step is making sure you use some good products when you're washing your hair. I feel like this is such an important stage when you're trying to tame your hair as the products you use can make or break it. I've been using the Percy and Reed Moisture Duo *which leaves my hair feeling so nourished, soft and smooth, I love it. Another product which has become a staple in my routine is the Percy and Reed Wonder Cleanse and Nourish *, I've never used a product like it. The reason i've been loving this in this heatwave is because it leaves your hair and scalp feeling so fresh and clean, so it's so refreshing to use after a long day in the sunshine. 

Another important staple when i've been washing my hair is to use a hair mask, in this case it's the Percy and Reed TLC Hydrating Mask *, and this just nourishes my hair and adds an extra boost of moisture to keep it looking healthy and to de-frizz. 

The second important stage is making sure you use some sort of balm or serum before and after you dry or style your hair. By using these products it ensures that your hair stays smooth and healthy looking, especially if you're straightening it because, if you're like me, I leave the house and I start getting frizz popping up, so using a balm or serum just means that my hair is smoother for longer. I love using the Paul Mitchell super skinny serum as it's so weightless and it doesn't feel like you've got any product in your hair at all. Another product I love using it the Percy and Reed Wonder Balm *, this product is so iconic and definitely worth the hype as a little goes a long way and it leaves your hair silky smooth and smelling amazing. I love this travel size version too as I can easily pop it in my handbag. 

I've been using Tresemme products for as long as I can remember, they're so affordable and easy to get hold of whilst providing really good results. I love using a heat protection spray as my hair is so thick and frizzy, I don't want it to get damaged and this Get Sleek heat protection spray by Tresemme is amazing. It's so affordable and really helps with smoothing out your hair when you're using heat on it, I find that it also really helps with keeping the ends of your hair looking healthy when you're using heat on it.


- Invest in the right products for your hair type, battling frizz can be so hard so make sure you're using the right products

- Tangle teezers are incredible, especially when brushing wet hair as they don't damage it as much as normal brushes

- Looking after your hair is really important, if you use a lot of heat make sure you're using sprays or serums to keep it healthy and prevent damage

- Use a smoothing nozzle on your hairdryer to dry the last 10% of your hair to leave it looking smoother

So there you have it, my top tips and products for helping to tame frizzy, thick hair. I always struggle, especially in the Summer to keep my hair looking smooth and well-styled but these products and tips have definitely helped me out and they'll be in my collection for a long time. Let me know in the comments what your favourite hair care products are! Thank you for reading, I hope you all have an amazing week and i'll be back with a new post next Sunday!



  1. I have pretty frizzy hair, especially in summers.. so thank you girl!

    x Lisa |

  2. The Percy and Reed products seem so lovely! I love the packaging 😌

  3. That TLC hydrating hair mask sounds wonderful! I struggle with frizzy hair (like a lot) so i'm always looking for products to help. That wonder cleanse & nourish also sounds awesome, I need to check out all these products.

  4. Love these tips. I am a newbie at taking care of my hair - I normally just leave it bland and straight down - and always am on the lookout for good hair care tips.

  5. i have very thick hair myself and i have never tried percy & reed products before. hair oils and very simple shampoos work wonders for my hair.


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