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Revolution X Soph Extra Spice Palette Review // SophDoesNails

Hi guys, I hope you've all had an amazing weekend. Mine was a pretty chill one to be fair, i've been making the most of my free time by trying to do productive things (the key word here being 'try'), it's so hard not to just laze around all the time when you have nothing to do. 

I have been on a little bit of a spending ban recently, i'm trying to save money and do all that adult stuff but I couldn't resist getting my hands on this gorgeous palette from the Soph X Revolution collection. It's the second palette she's released and it's called extra spice, very appropriate considering the pops of colour in there. I've been watching Sophie on Youtube for ages, I love how down to earth she is and I love her content. It's so nice that her collaboration with Makeup Revolution is so affordable, especially for a poor graduate like myself as I love being able to support the influencers I love. 

Everyday - very pale purple with a white shift, duo-chrome finish 
 Running Late - carrot orange, matte finish 
Infinity – silver, metallic finish 
 Cheesecake - chestnut brown, matte finish 
Cookie Dough – soft brown, matte finish
Dreams – warm champagne, shimmer finish

Vitamin C - canary yellow, matte finish
Sweet N Sour - electric orange, matte finish
Twenty One - cerise pink, matte finish 
Romance - burgundy with a pink shift, shimmer finish
Enchanted – wine purple, matte finish
Lakes – dark olive green, matte finish

 Brownies - deep brown, matte finish
Chocolate Orange - sienna brown, matte finish  
Mulled Wine - red violet, matte finish 
 LA Sun - gold, shimmer finish  
 Aurora – khaki green, shimmer finish  
 Reputation – charcoal black, matte finish

I'll start with all the things I love about this palette first. I am obsessed with the huge mirror that comes with it, the different tones and shades alongside this mirror makes it perfect for travelling. The second thing I love is the variety of shades within this palette, you have a really good selection of neutrals with the pops of colour in there, so you can create so many different looks. I was definitely worried at first because I didn't feel like these colours swatched well at all, however, they apply SO well to your eye with a brush. I've created a variety of looks from this palette and I find that all the colours work and perform so well, even difficult shades like the transition ones and the bright yellow (vitamin C). They're easy to blend whilst staying pigmented which is amazing.

There's only one thing i'm not keen on about this palette, and it is just me being picky, and that's the packaging. The outer section is a sort of metallic plastic so it does get dirty very quickly, and the light packaging inside is the same. However, this is definitely something that can be overlooked because the shades perform so well and the price is amazing, such a bargain. 

Overall I absolutely love this palette, it's super affordable and considering the price (£10), it performs so well. I've used most of the shades in this palette now and they're super easy to blend and build up which makes it great for beginners and make up pros alike, the inclusivity and versatility of this palette is amazing.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this palette, do you love the shades? Have you tried it yet? I hope you all have a fabulous week and i'll be back with another post next week. My posts will be going up every Sunday as i'm focusing a lot on my YouTube which i'll leave a link to here if you fancy checking it out.



  1. Such a lovely palette! I loved the first one she came out with as well😊

  2. This palette looks super gorgeous, Revolution do it again!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  3. This palette looks so dreamy, I think I need it in my collection. Those swatches are beautiful. I own the original palette and love it, so I will deffo be buying this one!

    Dena | The Dena Edit | Bloglovin xo


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