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Summer Holiday // Top Makeup Picks

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I'm sorry it's been so long but I have finally finished my undergraduate degree, YAY! I'm so excited because now I can enjoy my free time and put my energy into my blog and YouTube.  Anyway, we've had some absolutely glorious weather recently, I honestly love England when the sun shines (minus wolf-whistling van drivers and topless men in the street), but yeah, the sun just puts me in the best mood. 

Seeing as it's been so hot I haven't been wearing the full-face of makeup I often wear, I thought i'd go through my top makeup picks for those super sunny days when you want to wear a little less but still wear something.

1. Light Brow Product

When it's really hot I don't reach for my brow pomade, instead I prefer a lighter product, whether that's a deep eyeshadow (yes, I often use my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette to do my brows) or a brow pencil, this one by Benefit is lovely because it has a little brush the other end, so it's perfect for if you were going on holiday. By using a lighter brow product it just feels a lot less heavy, looks more natural and goes well with the 'minimal' look, whilst still giving you banging brows. 

2. Light Foundation

It's still nice to have some coverage, even in the hot weather. My skin is luckily in pretty good shape at the minute after getting back into my thorough skincare routine, but I do have some red patches I like to cover, so using a lightweight, powder foundation covers everything it needs to without looking cakey or slipping off throughout the day. I love this one by Proto-Col is amazing, it's such a lovely coverage (light), but isn't heavy at all and covers everything it needs to. 

3. Shimmery Blush

So I have been obsessed recently with blushes with shimmer in them, especially in the heat I just think they're a perfect product when you want to wear less, but still want a healthy glow. I love, love, love this product again by Proto-Col, it's the most gorgeous mineral blush which is incredibly lightweight, but gives you the most gorgeous nude pink glow. Mineral makeup is really great when it's hot as it's not heavy or cakey and still performs really well. 

4. A Good Face and Body Bronzer

It's always handy to have a bronzer in the summer which is good for both your face and your body. This one by ASOS is really good for multipurpose use, and it's not overly heavy. A little goes a long way with this product, so it's very easy to build up on your body which is great for emphasising collarbones and what not, without it being obvious or heavy. It's also great to have a multipurpose bronzer in case you're travelling and can't take much with you. 

Other Mentions

I always love to wear something over my eyelids, the ColourPop super shock shadows are amazing for a single use in the hot weather as they're incredibly buttery and pigmented and often have the most gorgeous shimmer in them. You can have the gorgeous eye-look without applying too much product, winner! I also think it's nice to have a glittery highlighter, the glitter just pops in the sunshine and gives you that really beautiful glow. The La Vie En Glow palette by L'Oreal is so gorgeous and you get a lovely range of shades in there too depending on your skin tone or what look you want. 

So there you have it, my top makeup picks for the gorgeous hot weather, or if you're going away and you aren't sure what to take. I always like a more natural look when it's hot, that way I know that if I touch my face or anything that i'm not going to take all my makeup off, or I don't have to worry about it melting away throughout the day. 

I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend, let me know in the comments what your favourite makeup picks are for when you're going on holiday!


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  1. I love going for a lighter more dewy look in the warmer seasons. I’m also obsessed with shimmery blush, it’s so pretty!💕🌸


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