Friday, 13 April 2018

Spring 2018 Fashion & Beauty Wish List

Hi everyone, happy Friday the 13th. I hope your day isn't unlucky! I'm dog sitting this week and honestly, last night I got no sleep because he just wanted to play. He's veeeery cute though, and currently snoring away on my bed, so i'll forgive him. So, you guys know that I haven't been posting on social media recently and that's mainly just because i've not been in the right frame of mind and I feel that when i'm in a slump it shows in my content, buuut i'm feeling much better now and i'm ready to get back into my usual routine. 

There's been so many cute things i've been eyeing up recently, especially beauty-wise, so I thought i'd get back into blogging with my Spring wishlist. (This post does contain affiliate links, but i've named the products in case you don't want to use an af link!)

So that's pretty much a summery of the main things i've been lusting after for Spring 2018. In terms of fashion i've definitely been trying to wear things which are a bit out of my comfort zone and things which aren't just black skinny jeans, trainers and a jumper. (Although, i'm sure I will revert back to my old, cosy ways some days.) I always make such an effort with my makeup, so I really need to follow suit with my outfits and hair. 

In terms of makeup, these are just some things which have been on my wish list for a while and I think that they'd be perfect for Spring and Summer, especially the BECCA Sunchaser palette. I'm really into glowy, glittery looks at the minute so I think all these products will be perfect. 

I hope you all have a fab weekend, let me know what things you've been lusting over for Spring!


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