Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Proto-Col Brand Review

Hello loves! I hope you're all having a fabulous week. Honestly, i've been so overwhelmed with the amount of work i've had on recently, I know I keep mentioning it buuut it's honestly soul crushing. Anyway, my dissertation is finally done and ready to be submitted, yay! I'm so excited because my last assignment is due in next week, and then I have two exams and then i'm finished for good! 

Anyway, i'm in such a good place at the minute and the lovely team at Proto-Col sent me some amazing goodies I wanted to share with you all. I love discovering new brands and I know you guys will love these products just as much as I do. 

Firstly, I have been trying to find new skincare products to just make my skin 'pop' a bit more for Summer. I'm striving for that healthy, natural glow so I was thrilled to try some new products and work them into my current routines. I also think the makeup products in this selection are absolutely perfect for Spring and Summer. 

This foundation is so perfect when you want a subtle, buildable foundation. I find that this works best for a more natural look, so it's perfect for everyday if you don't want to wear too much face makeup as it's really lightweight and doesn't go cakey throughout the day. A pop of concealer, and this foundation just clears any redness and leaves you with a really healthy, fresh-faced look. 

This is such a beautiful deep, peachy pink shade with a hint of shimmer to it. What I love most about this is that you get such a good amount of product, and a little goes a long way. I am incredibly pale, and this works best for me as a shimmery blush, it just adds a really healthy glow to my face which lasts all day. It's so incredibly pretty and blends out so well too.

Again I am completely obsessed with this product, since I got this i've been wearing it non-stop and is my new go to shimmery blush. In comparison to the Apricot Swirl, this shade is a lot more subtle with a bit more glow. It works really well as a tinted highlighter and it literally leaves you glowing all day long. It's not too glittery and leaves you with the most beautiful glow. I love that it has flecks of different shades in it too as it just creates the most beautiful shade which is easy to build and blend.

I have been really keen to try a night cream, as usually I have such bad experiences and wake up in the morning with a really bad breakout. Anyway, I can say with much happiness that this night cream has worked an absolute treat for my face. I've been using it every night for almost a week and my skin definitely looks healthier and I wake up with hydrated skin rather than having it look and feel quite dry. This works really well on me and I have lots of dry patches and very sensitive skin, I think it's partly due to the fact that this doesn't contain anything nasty like parabens. 

You guys know I loooove a good exfoliator and this didn't disappoint. I think if you don't have dry skin this probably isn't for you, but if you do suffer with dry skin or dry patches this is an absolute miracle! It has a really nice shimmer to it and once you've used it, your skin is left feeling so clean, soft and fresh. It really cleans out all your pores and gets rid of all your dry, dead skin without leaving you feel quite sore like some exfoliators do. 

Overall I am absolutely thrilled to have discovered this brand, I can't wait to pick up some more products because i'm so happy with the way both the skincare products, and the makeup products have performed. The quality is amazing and the skincare products have almost-instant results which is always a bonus. If you're looking to revamp your makeup and skincare routine, or just treat yourself in general I couldn't recommend these products and this brand more. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I will be back with another blog post soon so stay tuned, i've  also been filming a couple of things for my YouTube channel so if you haven't already had a peep at it there's a link in my sidebar or i'll leave a link here for you. 


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