Sunday, 15 April 2018

New Additions to my Makeup Bag

Hey babes! I hope you've had an amazing weekend. I've been spending my time torn between watching Real Housewives of New York from season one and getting on with my dissertation. I've been back on the job hunt which, is going abysmally to be quite honest with you. I lost my motivation so I did have a break from applications, but i'm just so picky, which isn't very good when you're finishing uni in a month. Anyway, i'm hoping now that i'm back on the application grind things will start looking up, cross your fingers and toes for me. 

Anyway, today I thought i'd do a little rundown of what i've picked up recently to add to my makeup collection. Honestly, I don't really neeeeed any new makeup, but I just can't help myself. I really need to invest in some more storage too because i'm a little short on space for my makeup addiction. 

Makeup Revolution Foundation Stick (F5)
So, I picked this up as I have heard so many positive things about the makeup revolution concealer, but I am obsessed with my Colourpop one so I didn't really need it. However, I have been on the hunt for another foundation to try and when I popped into Superdrug, they had this in stock so naturally I couldn't help but get it. I don't want to go into tooo much detail here as I do want to do a full review on this foundation this week, so i'll keep it short and sweet. I've been wearing this for almost a week and I laaav it. Completely obsessed and I'm so happy I made the decision to pick this up. 

Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick (Nude Sensation)
I've been on the hunt for a nice nude lipstick which isn't too dark for my skin tone and which isn't overly matte and drying, and I am so happy i've found this lipstick because I am now completely obsessed with the formula. It's got a very satin finish without having that heavy sheen to it, it almost looks matte just without the dry, cakey look. It's super hydrating and lasts so long, which is always a bonus. I could have done with getting a shade lighter, buuut I still think this is a beautiful nude. 

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink (55 Driver)
Well what a disappointment this product was. I keep seeing these everywhere, all over social media and what not, so when I saw this in Superdrug I was drawn to the shade and thought i'd give it a go. This is one of the worst liquid lipstick formulas i've ever used, and trust me i've tried a lot. It's so drying and very cakey. As soon as I put this on my lips I can already see it flaking away which isn't a good look at all. I don't think I would mind as much if it was a bit cheaper, but for £9.99 I would expect something a bit better. Anyway, i'm sad to say that this product is a big nope for me. 

L'Oreal La Vie En Glow Highlighting Powder Palette (Warm Glow)
This was definitely a pleasant surprise and I was drawn to this palette instantly. After my little upset with the L'Oreal foundation stick, (i'll leave a link here), they have definitely redeemed themselves with this gorgeous palette. I am quite pale but these colours do work well on me, especially when i've lathered myself in fake tan. You get such a nice variety of shades for different areas of your face, and they're not overly glitterly which is great if you want a more subtle glow. You get a really reasonable amount of product in the palette and they work well when applied with dense brushes or fan brushes. I couldn't recommend this more and think this will be my go-to highlighter palette for Summer. 

So, there's been some amazing additions to my makeup collection recently, but also some bad ones. Who else hates that feeling of regret you get when you buy a product then it turns out to be really disappointing? Urgh. Anyway, I do have a few more bits I want to buy (sorry bank account), but i'm definitely happy with most of these purchases in the meantime. 

Is there anything which you've picked up recently which you've loved, or hated?! 


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  1. The foundation sticks definitely looks like something I want to use!

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