Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Photo Editing Guide // Tools and Tips to Edit Your Photos

Hello everyone, today I thought i'd share with you my little guide for editing photos for social media and your blog. You've probably already got your own thing going on but if you're looking for some fresh tools and techniques, then look no further. Disclaimer, i'm no editing expert, i'm just sharing what works for me and what I love.


So, first things first. I'm not going to say exactly what I used to get these photo effects, as I think it's important to work things out for yourself and find an editing style which you enjoy. I'm still working on my style, sometimes I like light and bright, sometimes I like bright and warm tones, it depends on the photo.

Make sure you crop your photos accordingly, for instance, in the top photo i've cropped out the bottom of my rug and the grey/black page towards the left hand side of the photo as it just ruined the aesthetic. Make sure your crop features all the things you want to be the focus of the photo.



This is just a personal opinion, so this isn't directed at anyone in particular and of course, everyone has their own unique editing style. But, if you're doing a product review, or something similar, make sure you don't over saturate your photos to the extent where the colour of the product has changed. It's our responsibility as bloggers to give honest views and feedback, and altering the colour of products isn't very honest.  

I'm going to be totally honest, editing is your best friend when it comes to getting good quality photos. Before you start investing in lots of lights and a new camera, play around with different settings in your editing software because they can make the world of difference. For instance, when looking at the photos below, you can see that the edited version (to the right) is super bright and light, just through editing and the use of natural light. The light can be super horrible during Winter time, so I did invest in two umbrella lights which i'll leave a link to something similar here, and they are really great for those really dark days, but most of the time I only need to use them for my videos!

Contrary to some opinions, you don't need a fancy camera for blogging. Yes, I did invest in a DSLR, which I have no regrets about, but practice with whatever you have first. Like I said before, editing is key. The top photos were taken using my Canon 700D, and the photos below were taken using my Iphone 8+. If I were to give advice, it would be to use whatever you've got, nail the editing and get a new camera when you're ready to. I personally love my Canon 700D because I can use it for both my photos and my videos.

I think i'm going to leave it there for this post, keep your eyes peeled as i'm going to be doing more posts similar to this one, including a blog props one. I hope this has been slightly helpful and you've maybe discovered a few tools through this post, let me know what editing software you enjoy using the most!



  1. Thanks so much for sharing these great tips!

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  2. I already use some of these but discovered some new apps too, so thank you! Beautiful photos too :) x

  3. Lovely Tips. I really appreciate it


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