Tuesday, 20 March 2018

How to Handle a Bad Day

As you've guessed from the title, this post is going to be basically how I cope with bad days. We all have them, but sometimes it's hard to shake yourself out of a bad mood, and that lingering negativity only gets worse with time. So, after some time, i've finally learnt how to handle these bad moods and snap out of it, and i'm going to share my best tips with you. I'm definitely getting in the mood for Spring with this top from Tobi

Sooo this is a pretty weird one, but also an obvious one. When i'm in a bad mood, for whatever reason, I take some time out of whatever i'm doing to think about how much worse things could be. I think it's important to put life into perspective sometimes, and often I take for granted how lucky I really am.

Again, a pretty obvious one, but when i'm in a bad mood I always take some time out to do something I really enjoy, whether that's creating content for my blog, or cuddling Wilbur (pets are the best...) This really does cheer me up and generally improve my mood, I can literally see my happiness meter rising (like a sim, yes?)  

I would definitely say i'm very happy with my own company, in fact, I love it. I think that sometimes it's important and healthy to be alone, especially if you're in a bad mood. Depending on the company you're with, it can end up irritating you more. Spending time alone means you can just chill, do the things you love and have some peaceful time to relax. 

The most important thing is to establish why you're in a bad mood to begin with, and if possible, try to fix it. It could be a simple thing which can't be fixed, or it could be that there's a person in your life who is creating some sort of negative energy, and in that case distancing yourself for a bit isn't a bad thing. 

This sort of ties in with the whole 'do something you love' thing, but just in case you're in an environment where you can't do that (aka, work) try to keep yourself as busy as possible, that way you're not dwelling on things you can't fix. Overthinking can make things so much worse, so keeping yourself busy and occupied can help. 

I hope you found these tips useful, usually I am an optimistic, happy person but bad days happen to the best of us, and sometimes they can be quite overwhelming and hard to deal with. I'd love to know if you have any tips or advice for coping with bad days! 



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