Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Lush Haul // Valentines Edition

Hello everyone! As Valentines day is approaching I thought I would show you what I picked up from this years Valentines collection at Lush. They've got some super cute products in store at the minute and I just couldn't resist, even though I am still using up products from Halloween...


This product is SO adorable, not only is the shape so cute but the colours and scents are amazing too. The love boat is a bath bomb, it has hints of citrus within it, the most prominent one for me being lemon. It sort of smells like a lemon sherbet, which I am obsessed with, and I think it's a nice addition to the overall 'sweet' Valentines theme.


This product caught my eye because I love the colour of it! The texture is also so different as it's not really solid and firm like a usual Lush bubble bar, it feels very soft and creamy. I just know that this is going to make my skin so soft. It's got quite a subtle scent to it with hints of jasmine, and you can definitely smell the cocoa butter in it.

Available Here:
Heart of Enlightened Expectation £4.50


Okay, I am completely obsessed with the design of this bubbleroon, it's like a really cute, non-edible sandwich. It's got a very floral scent to it but the main attraction of this is definitely the overall design. I love the gorgeous colours in this and the gold filling is just so adorable!

Available Here:
Whole Lotta Love £4.75


Sometimes the simple products from Lush are just as nice as the more extravagant ones. This unicorn horn bubble bar has the sweetest colour palette, and the shape of it makes it really easy to break bits off and use a bit at a time. You can definitely smell the lavender instantly in this which will make it perfect for a bed time bubble bath.

Available Here:
Unicorn Horn £4.50


This was the last thing in my basket but I think it's so cute and definitely the stereotypical Valentines product, what with all the pink roses on it. It has a really heavy floral scent to it, but also hints of lemon and something quite sweet. This is filled with rose petals so it makes for a perfect, romantic Valentines bath.

I hope you've enjoyed my Valentines Lush haul, they've had so many cute products come into store but of course, I couldn't pick everything up as my stash is already way too excessive for one girl. I'm excited to try out their Easter range and Mother's day ranges too, so if you want to see a blog post on those let me know. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentines day, let me know how you celebrate it in the comments!


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