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ColourPop Mini Haul & Shipping to the UK

Hi loves, it's been a while since my last blog post. Without going into too much detail I have been feeling so overwhelmed and lost recently, mainly due to the pressures and stress of third year university and graduate job hunting. I'm feeling a bit better today and don't want to be all down and mopey, so I thought i'd share with you an updated ColourPop mini haul.

Before I get into what I thought of the products and what I picked up, I'll talk a bit about shipping to the UK in case you've never ordered from ColourPop before. Basically, if you order so much you get free international shipping, which is great and definitely worth taking advantage of if you're an international buyer, as international shipping can be pricey. At the moment, it's free if you spend $50.00, which equates to about £36.00, so that's not too bad really, and because ColourPop is very affordable, you can get a really great selection of products to try.

Of course, when you are receiving over £15.00 worth of goods from an international country, you will have to pay a customs fee. I've ordered from ColourPop twice, and both times my custom fee has come to around £15.00 for about $50.00 worth of goods. So, if you're ordering from ColourPop it's worth taking into account that you will have to pay a customs fee on top of everything else. Hence why it's better to take advantage of the free shipping deal.


I really liked the look of these super shock shadows, and at $5.00 I couldn't resist. Unfortunately, one of them arrived broken which I was really disappointed about, however, the formula of these shadows is incredible so it didn't matter too much about it being broken. They're so buttery and creamy, i've never felt a texture like it. They apply so well when you use your finger and they're really pigmented. I picked these up because often for everyday makeup I just like to use a transition tone, and then sweep a glittery, pigmented colour, like these, across my lid and it works really well. 

Overall, I really recommend these although my only quibble is that the shades I ordered did look different online. For example, the pink shade 'Twitterpated' looked like an iridescent pinky, orange shade where as in real life it looks very pink. 


I think you can gather from the photo with swatches how pale I am, I always struggle to find a good concealer which covers up all my red patches and blemishes as well as my bags under my eyes. I have found a new holy grail in this concealer as it really is amazing. It's very thick, full coverage and creamy so it covers everything really well. It's super easy to blend and they have a really nice range of shades, so there is something for everyone. I am actually going to get another one of these as well as a darker one for contour as I love the way they make my skin look so flawless. I have quite dry/combination skin and this works perfectly, although I do believe that it would work for oily skin too.


I will admit I made a mistake when I bought this, I didn't read the description and assumed it was a fluffy brush for blending eyeshadow but as you can see, it's not. It's a medium sized, quite dense fluffy brush, perfect for concealer or highlighter, or even a really chiselled contour look. I used this brush with highlighter and honestly, I really like the way it performs. It's really soft and it's really affordable. In all honesty I think that some companies charge way too much for synthetic brushes so it's nice to see that ColourPop are charging a fair and affordable price for theirs. 


Again, the formula for this highlighter is really creamy and buttery and it works SO well on my dry skin. It gives you a really buildable glow and what I love the most about it is that it doesn't look cakey at all. Sometimes lighter powder highlighters can look a bit chalky, but this one just gives you the perfect glow. I also love the shade of this highlighter, it's perfect for my skin tone, it's a light champagne colour and it's so pretty.


I've been looking for a nice, affordable blusher for a while and I picked this one up because on the swatches online it looked perfect for lighter skin tones. Firstly, I love how much product you get in this blush, this will honestly last me forever as I don't like to use too much. It's not overly pigmented, however, I personally prefer that because i'd much rather have a buildable blush, than one which gives you bright pink cheeks immediately and then you have to spend ages blending it out. I also love the compact it comes in, but you can just buy the blush on its own. 


As you'll know if you've been keeping up with my social media and YouTube recently, I am so over the ultra drying matte lipstick trend. It doesn't do any favours for my lips, so, I decided to pick up a couple of glosses. I've never been a gloss girl but there's something about the way they look which I love. I really like the formula of these glosses as it doesn't feel overly sticky. Tight fit is this really beautiful peachy pink shade, which isn't too opaque which makes it really sheer and pretty. Fairy Floss is this really beautiful nude, which has just a hint of pink within it. It's not as metallic but still gorgeous. 

So that's everything I picked up from ColourPop, I will definitely be picking up some more of the super shock shadows as i'm obsessed with the formula, I'm also going to pick up some more concealer for sure as I absolutely love it and I might pick up another highlighter as well. Overall, i'm really impressed and happy with everything i've bought, they all perform really well and the concealer is definitely a new favourite of mine.

Let me know if you've ever tried anything from ColourPop and what your thoughts are on the brand!



  1. Ah, I can't wait to get my hands on their concealers!

    Candice |

    1. Omg, the concealers are amazing! I couldn't recommend them enough. I really need to stock up on them 🙊💫 x x

  2. I keep seeing colourpop everywhere and their eyeshadows look so dreamy, although I had no idea how cheap they were!! I think I could definitely rack up a bill of £36 and with free shipping, £15 custom charges doesnt really put me off!! Brb whilst I go put in my order haha!

    Sarah | xx

    1. I think for the amount you spend you get such a good amount of products, all this came to about £51.00 with the customs fee, but it's so worth it! The shipping is also really quick and the products are so good for the price!💓 x x


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