Saturday, 3 February 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills // Matte Lipstick Review Honey & Spice

When I saw that Anastasia Beverly Hills were doing a sale on their matte lipsticks you can bet that I jumped straight on that and purchased two. I've never used any ABH lip products before and these shades definitely caught my eye. As i'd never tried them before I did only pick up two, but these shades spoke to me the most as i'm obsessed with nudes and warmer shades. 

As these usually retail at £18.00, I thought i'd do a full review on these in case you're on the fence about buying them. I did purchase these in their most recent sale at £5.00 each, but i'm going to treat them as if I bought them at full price. 

First up, I am totally over the matte liquid lipstick hype now. I'm tired of the dry, cakey looking lips and I'm so excited to be going back to normal lipstick formulas. Although, I do still like a matte lipstick i'm not a huge fan of overly drying ones. 

The formula of these lipsticks is definitely incredibly matte, I do have naturally dry lips and sometimes these just don't apply well on me at all. I have to exfoliate my lips, put some lip balm on and make sure they're thoroughly hydrated or else they do leave my lips looking a little cakey. If you like ultra matte lips, you'll like this formula.

The pigment however though, is flawless. The colours are definitely true to their colour in the tube which is great, and once they're on your lips they look exactly the same as when you swatch them on your arm. When you apply them properly, they do last a really long time too, a little bit of product goes a long way.

The colours I picked up were Honey and Spice, I just felt like these were the best ones for my skin tone (I am shockingly pale). Honey is a gorgeous peachy nude, and Spice is more of a red toned brown shade. Both work really well for my skin tone however, I feel that these would look good on anyone. 

The packaging is super luxe, I do love that they look expensive as when you're paying £18.00 per lipstick you do want them to have the ABH logo and good quality packaging. I hate it when you pop a lipstick in your handbag and the lid sometimes falls off, with these that doesn't happen. 

Overall, I do like these lipsticks but I won't be repurchasing any more. I think that for £18.00 they're a little too overpriced for my liking, however, if you do really like super matte lipsticks then these will probably be a good purchase. They have a really decent amount of product in them, they're cruelty free and suitable for vegans, and the packaging is gorgeous. My love for the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes is still strong though, and i'll leave my links below to my reviews. 

Let me know if you've ever tried anything from Anastasia Beverly Hills, do you like the look of their matte lipsticks?! 


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