Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Blogging Community, Drama & Criticism from an Introverted Bloggers Perspective

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had an amazing week.

 I'm sorry that i've been a bit absent recently, I took some time off to have a little break, and just get back to feeling refreshed and energised before my final semester of uni. I've been posting on my YouTube channel, so if you fancy watching i'll leave a link here, but there's also a link on my sidebar. I'd love to know your thoughts!

Since I started blogging i've seen some really catty drama, and there's been something recently which I feel like I should talk about, as bloggers have really been criticised in an unfair way. 

Social media influencer Elle Darby has received some truly negative press recently after reaching out to a hotel owner to ask for a 'free' stay in return for exposure on her social media accounts. She has 93k subscirbers on YouTube, 9k followers on Twitter and 83k followers on Instagram. That, to me is a massive collective following and naturally she's the perfect candidate for brand exposure. 

The blogging world is all about reaching out and networking, yes, you can wait for brands to approach you, but there's also that element of risk and that very important phrase:
  "If you don't ask, you don't get."

Whether people like it or not, blogging, vlogging & creating content are REAL jobs. Brands pay thousands of pounds for influencers to share their products and services in order to influence their following. It's a 'new' form of advertising, and one which is incredibly successful. So when people say things like "get a real job" it just utterly confuses me. If you are getting paid for something, that my friend, is a job.

The world of PR is an amazing one, and if it hadn't have been for other social media influencers, I wouldn't have discovered some of the amazing brands I use. I think it's important to realise that yes, being a blogger isn't the same as being a Doctor, but it's a job which provides relief and a form of escapism for a lot of people, whether you are a blogger yourself, or whether you enjoy reading blogs.

If you're reading this blog post and you feel the hotel did the right thing, I completely disagree. When a potential client approaches you, you have the right to politely decline their request. The hotel in question didn't have to start a witch-hunt for bloggers, and belittle them. Elle has a huge following and if correctly advertised, could have reached a huge number of potential customers for the hotel. 

Basically, I just think it's important to understand the work which goes into blogging, and if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. We're all entitled to have our own opinions, but there's a difference between healthy debate and just slamming someone online, or in real life.

Sorry if this post has been a little rambly, I just get so sick sometimes of people talking trash about people they don't know, or about hobbies or careers that they don't understand. (AKA Blogging!) But the blogging community can be so strong and supportive, and it's going to take a lot more than a small hotels hate campaign to stop people from doing what they love.

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