Sunday, 3 December 2017

Blogmas Day 3 // Drying Oranges

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas day 3, how excited are you for Christmas?! I feel like there's still some time left if you're not feeling that festive, so don't worry. Also, I just want to let you know that some of my Blogmas posts will be a lot shorter than others, purely because daily blogging is HARD.

One of the things that I love the most about Christmas is all the crafty, DIY things that you can do. If you're stuck for decoration ideas or just looking for something to do to make you feel more festive then don't worry, i've got something for you which is super easy!
My favourite stalls at Christmas markets are the ones with all the dried oranges which they've scented, there's just something about them which I find so Christmassy and festive. I think it's because I always find that oranges are better at Christmas and I usually have one in my stocking...

I'll give you the steps you'll need to dry oranges and then some ideas on what to do with them afterwards.


Grab some fresh oranges, I used two here but you can use as many or as little as you'd like. Slice them up, I find that around half an inch in thickness is the best but it really doesn't matter too much.


Next you'll need to lay the orange slices on some kitchen roll, or something which is going to soak up all the excess juice as this helps when they're in the oven. This step is quite important, make sure they're super dry otherwise they'll end up all sticky.


Line a baking tray with grease proof paper or baking paper, and then lay out the orange slices so they're not touching.


Pop them into the oven at a low temperature, I have a fan oven and leave them on 80°C which is about 176°F. It has to be a relatively low temperature because we're going to be leaving them in for around 2-3 hours, so we want them to bake low and slow and not burn.

Check up on your orange slices about every half an hour, I left mine in for about 2 hours but you can leave them for longer if you like them to look a bit more well-done. 


Leave them to cool and then voila, there you have it, your dried oranges.


One of the things I love about dried oranges is that you can use them for different things, one of my favourite uses for them is for potpourri, you can add a variety of different things to them and use it as a decoration. You could also thread some string through them and have them as a Christmas decoration. You could also add them to a wreath, or use them to decorate Christmas presents! There's lots of things you can do with them and they just look so festive!
I hope you all enjoyed this little DIY post, dried oranges are such an easy thing to make and then afterwards you can use them to create a variety of different things! So if you're bored and looking for a way to get festive, these are a great idea. 

I hope you're enjoying Blogmas so far and I'll be back with another post tomorrow!


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