Friday, 15 December 2017

Blogmas Day 15 // Chatty Catch Up

 Hello everyone, today's post is going to be quite short, but sweet, mainly because i'm currently at my boyfriends house in Leeds, absolutely freezing and haven't planned a blog post for today (oops). 

Unfortunately, I had planned to do something different today, but i've got to Martins and somethings happened to his internet and loads of sites like Twitter and even my blog aren't loading because of a parental block on the wifi...Erm, apparently my blog is categorised at 'dating' sooo I can't get on it, haha. He's currently at his works Christmas party so I won't be able to resolve the issue tonight.

So I thought i'd have a little 'chat' with you guys, let you know what i've been up to and what i've got planned for the New Year. I'm currently really busy finishing off the last of my assignments for Semester A of my final year of uni, only one more semester to go, how scary! I'm quite nervous and anxious to finish uni but i'm also so excited, I can't wait to see what job i'll get and what not. (If, I get a job at all!)

Anyway, I have to say i've been so happy since sticking to regular blogging, it's definitely something i'm passionate about and I love the community. I know a lot of people complain about 'blogger drama' but honestly, I must be following the right people as I never see any of it. I feel like i've been enjoying this so much I want to branch out a bit, and that's why i've decided to start a YouTube channel in January to kickstart the New Year.

I'm not going to go too much into about my 2017 in general, as I want to do a round up in another post, but this year has been a good one and I want to challenge myself and push myself more in 2018, improve my content and maybe be more organised...Maybe.

I love hearing from everyone and honestly, i'm so thankful to anyone who clicks on my blog, even if it's just to have a little nosey. Knowing there's people out there who read my content and maybe even enjoy it really fills my heart up. Leave me a comment with what you've been up to recently as i'd love to know how you're all doing. 

I hope this post wasn't too boring and rambly, but I was just super unprepared today so apologies for that. Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing day and i'll see you all again tomorrow for another, less chatty post. 


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