Tuesday, 14 November 2017

My Most Expensive Makeup Products

Hellooooo lovelies! I've had a very busy week, i've moved house this weekend so i've been internet-less...horrible really in 2017 isn't it. Anyway, i'm back now and i'm SO sorry for my absence. 

Today I thought i'd do a post featuring my most expensive makeup products, not to brag or anything like that but i'm always SO nosey as to how much people spend on their makeup so I thought i'd share my pricier products with you. I do sometimes love to treat myself to new makeup and personally rather have one really expensive product which is good quality and lasts a long time rather than ten cheap products which are maybe 'bad' quality. But just because I love a few luxe brands doesn't mean that I don't love drugstore brands just as much!

 NARS Dual Intensity Blush: Craving (£30.00)

I absolutely love this product, as you can see it's very well used. I think this is perfect for my pale skin as it's not too dark but still performs well. Honestly, I just think NARS products are well worth the money, they are a super luxe brand but i've never had a problem with any of their products and the packaging is always gorgeous. I love that this is pigmented, yet not over the top and I would 100% repurchase this again and again!

 Anastasia Beverly Hills: Subculture & Modern Renaissance (£43.00)

I didn't initially buy these palettes when they first got released, purely because I wanted to wait for the hype to die down as they are both quite expensive and I didn't want to get them and be disappointed. I'm so happy I own both of these though as I use them almost everyday! The palettes are both so pigmented, easy to blend and the colours are so versatile that you can create literally any look you want. I've had absolutely no problems with either of these palettes i'll leave my full review for Subculture here and Modern Renaissance here just in case you fancy reading them, but yeah, I laaaaavv these and do not regret buying them one bit!

NARS NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette (£55.00)

Okay, deep breaths, I know this palette is really expensive but... It's just so beautiful! Now before owning this palette i'd never owned any NARS eyeshadows, so this was definitely a bit of a risk, but I actually bought this when there was 20% off ASOS so I got it for a bit of a 'bargain'. I can't wait to buy more NARS eyeshadows, I find them so easy to blend, they are incredibly pigmented and the colour range in this palette is perfect for me as i'm obsessed with warm toned palettes. I'll leave my full review to this here but I couldn't recommend this palette more, it's definitely a good investment.

Sooo there you have it, these are definitely the most expensive makeup products I own and honestly, I don't regret buying any of them because i've really got good use out of all of them. Some of the products i've owned for a while, and some of them are relatively new, but I love them all so much. 

I definitely didn't want this to seem like a post where i'm bragging, and to be honest I really don't own that much makeup believe it or not! I just thought i'd do it for those who love reading posts like this, like I do myself.

Let me know what the most expensive makeup product is that you own and whether you love it or not! I hope you all have a fabulous week!


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