Tuesday, 7 November 2017

First Impressions // An Update

Helloooo everybody, I know I haven't posted for a while now and didn't stick to my schedule last week but i've just been so busy with uni work that I haven't really done anything else.

I've definitely felt a lot better today, over the weekend i've been so ill and to be honest, I think it's because i've been so run down and stressed about uni, which i'm going to do an 'honest' post on by the way so keep an eye out for that one. 

But yes, I'm feeling much better today and i've had a little bit of a pamper session so i'm feeling more like myself. I thought i'd do a little update from my first impressions posts so I can update you on what's worth buying and what's not! 

You can find my ASOS beauty first impressions here and you can find my Topshop beauty first impressions here...

So, firstly i'm going to go through what i'd buy again and don't regret purchasing. I have to say though, all of the prices for these products are very reasonable so I don't feel too disheartened that I don't love some of these products but anyway, I'll get on with it!


I would definitely repurchase all of these lipsticks again. The one from Topshop is this gorgeous, deep berry tone in the shade in 'Undercover' is amazing, so pigmented and lasts all day long. Both of the ASOS lipsticks didn't really amaze me at first, but actually they're a really good formula, not too matte but they last a long time and also the shades are perfect for Autumn/Winter. My favourite one is actually the darker pink, which is 'Uncompromising' and it's so beautiful. 

Available Here: £7.00 ASOS (Uncompromising)
Available Here: £7.00 ASOS (Steely)
£8.00 Topshop (Undercover)  (Not linked as I couldn't find it on their UK site!) 


I thought i'd team these two together otherwise this post will go on foreeeever, but basically I adore this highlighter so much. I was unsure at first as it looks quite dark, but when it's applied with a fan brush it's the most gorgeous, bronze highlight. It's not overly glittery which I love and it lasts a long time, I think it's perfect for a bronze, Autumnal look. 

I never knew I needed brow gel until I bought this, and I will probably repurchase until the day I stop wearing makeup. My brows last an eternity when I wear this, I also love the fact it has a slight tint to it so they look 'fuller'. I use a powder to do my brows, so using this means that they don't smudge or wear off throughout the day. Love, love, love! 

£8.50 Topshop (Brow Gel)
£12.50 Topshop (Highlighter in 'Horizon')
Noooow, time to go onto the things which I really haven't loved. I won't go into as much detail about some of the issues as i've explained them more on my first impressions post, however, I was SO dissapointed with ASOS, as when I ordered the bronzer and chubby stick highlighter, they were totally different shades online! They arrived and they were so much darker than what I was expecting. 

Like I said, when this arrived I was quite shocked at how dark it was as i'd ordered the lightest version of this. Anyway, I thought i'd give it a go and honestly, I really don't like this product. I find it way too chalky, it rubs away almost immediately and it does have a very orange tint to it on my skin tone. I don't want to drag ASOS too much but this product is definitely a miss from me.

Available Here: £9.00 ASOS ('Flawed')

Right, this one is a little bit odd as I don't hate the formula, I hate the design of the product. I don't know if i'm being an absolute idiot, but I cannot sharpen this to save my life. I've tried large sharpeners, small sharpeners, nothing works! So i'm stuck with a blunt smoke stick and there's nothing I can do about it. Something which requires this much thought doesn't go down well with me so no, I won't be repurchasing this, sorry Topshop.

£6.50 Topshop ('Glory')


So like I said a million times, this was a lot darker than I expected it to be, but I thought i'd give it a go anyway. When I use a smaller brush to build it up, it's a pretty average bronzer. When I use my proper bronzing brush, it leaves me so orange and doesn't suit me at all. Honestly, I can't see this working on many skin tones as it would be too light for darker skin tones and too orange for lighter ones. I can't fault the packaging, it's so gorgeous but overall I was SO disappointed with this, especially as I bought a whole Nip & Fab contour palette for a little bit more than this and that's amazing.

Available Here: £8.50 ASOS ('Bulletproof')

So there you go lovelies, my updates on my first impressions from last month. I would definitely repurchase from both of these brands, but there's just some products which I wouldn't go near again. I know that the ASOS beauty is relatively new, so there are going to be problems they encounter, hopefully they get some feedback and reformulate some of their products as their packaging is incredible. 

Let me know if you've tried anything from Topshop or ASOS beauty, i'd love to know your thoughts! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!



  1. I've never tried ASOS beauty but you've made me want to after reading this! It's so affordable and I'd wear all three of them lip shades. Also that highlight - wow!! Amazing post lovely xx polishedcouture.com

  2. That pink packaging is just the cutest!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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