Tuesday, 31 October 2017

October Favourites // 2017

Hello everyone, I hope you all had an amazing Halloween. It's not something I've been really into this year if i'm being completely honest, usually it's one of my favourite times of the year but this year it's definitely been overshadowed by third year uni work.

Honestly, favourites posts are some of my favourite posts to do, they're also my favourite to read as I love discovering new products and I love seeing what everyone's been loving. As usual, I don't have a huge amount of things included but everything which I have are things which I have absolutely looooved and would definitely recommend.

NYX Lip Lingerie 

I've absolutely been loving this NYX lip lingerie formula recently, I have such a mixture of liquid lipsticks from one's which are super drying to one's which you have to top up all the time. I find that with this one you don't I feel like it's the perfect matte formula as it stays on all day but doesn't give you that dry, cakey look. I can put this on at 8:30am and it will last literally most of the day, I don't have to keep topping it up which is good. Also, this shade "seduction" is the most beautiful Autumnal red.

Wax Burner & Melts

I love candles all year round, but particularly when it starts getting darker and more Autumnal I absolutely love the cosiness of having a candle lit. I heard that wax melts were a much more affordable option and smelt amazing, and of course I had to purchase one. I absolutely love my wax burner, you do need a good few tealights per wax melt, but it smells amazing and they last such a long time. These ones by Yankee Candle last about 8-9 hours each. I'd definitely recommend buying one if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to scented candles. I'll also leave a link here to my favourite Autumnal scents!

Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion *

I received this quite a while ago however, it's only until recently i've appreciated it for the amazing product it is. I started using this regularly as I noticed I was waking up every morning with loads of red marks over my tummy, and I think they're the first signs of stretch marks. Sooo I started to use this every morning and night (alongside healthy eating as i've been a little piggy recently), and the red marks have gone! I've also noticed that this has a really gorgeous, but subtle scent to it and just leaves your skin so hydrated and nourished. If you're looking for a good body moisturiser I couldn't recommend this one more.

Available Here  

Topshop Highlighter // Horizon

Oh boy I have been LOOOVING this highlighter, and i've worn it every day throughout October. I wouldn't usually reach for a bronze highlighter, but I have been obsessed with a golden, bronzed look and this just does such an amazing job. I find that it's super pigmented without being an orange toned bronzer. I am super pale but I find this isn't too dark on me at all, it's affordable and you get a huge amount of product in it. Love, love, looooove. 

Botanics // Hydrating Day Cream *

My skin has been really dull and dry recently, I've really been loving this hydrating day cream from Botanics. I find that it leaves my skin really soft, hydrated and it absorbs really quickly. I love that it makes an instance difference to my skin and really gives it the boost it needs.

So there you have it, my October favourites! I've honestly been so busy with uni work and i'm moving house soon, so I need a day where I'm just focused on blog related things. So if the photos here are a little off, I apologise.

Let me know if there's anything you've been loving recently, I hope you all have an amazing week! 


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