Wednesday, 25 October 2017

My Top Film Picks // Halloween Edition

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful day. I've just submitted my first assignment of third year eek! I can't believe we're almost into November already, the time is going way too quickly. 

Halloween is definitely one of my favourite things to celebrate, it's just a chance to get all dressed up, do whatever makeup you want and decorate the house all crazy, I just love it. There's so many things I love about Halloween but one of them is the movies. Of course these aren't all strictly for Halloween but I thought i'd share some of my favourites with you, either to watch on Halloween or to get you in the spooky spirit!


I absolutely love this film, it just has all the elements of a good halloween/Autumnal film. Bette Midler is absolutely amazing in this and it's just so magical. I really love American Halloween decor and traditions and this film is full of that. It's just a good, fun Halloween movie to watch with anyone of any age.


I know there's always a bit of dispute about whether this is a Christmas film or a Halloween film but to me it is definitely a Halloween movie! I absolutely love everything about this film and to be honest, I watch it quite a lot throughout the year too. I love all the characters and the way they're designed, the setting and the songs. It's just such a magical yet spooky film, also suitable for anyone of any age.


When I first watched this film I had that feeling afterwards where you just can't get what you've just seen out of your head. This film, in my opinion, has all the right elements of a good horror film. There's so many twists and turns and well-timed jump scares. It will definitely leave you on edge whilst you watch it, but this would definitely be a good one to watch with friends on Halloween!


This is an absolute classic horror film. It's incredibly spooky and full of jump scares and very intense moments. The pace of this movie is really good and you're never left 'bored'. Although in some parts it is a little predictable, this is definitely a good one for Halloween. 


This film makes me sweat like no other, I actually think this is up there with one of the scariest films i've ever seen. Without giving anything away this film is full of dark twists and turns, jump scares and it's horror done well without too much gore. The dark nature of this film is what makes it so creepy, I couldn't not put this on my Halloween films list!


An absolute Halloween classic. I remember when I first watched the Saw films and I just found them so crazy, in a good way. These films are full of gore and suspense. I do like that there is a bit of a story line to these but I think what makes these so appropriate for Halloween is just the sheer amount of blood and guts in them, so if you're into that then these films are definitely worth a watch at Halloween. 

So there you have it, these are my top film picks for Halloween, of course there's hundreds of good spooky films out there but these are the one's i'd choose to reach for.

Let me know if there's any Halloween films which you love!


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