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University Guide // Advice & Tips

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful day. 

I thought this post might be useful if you're just about to start university, or if you're heading back there for second,third or fourth year. I'm going to be going into my third year and honestly i'm so excited to go back. I'm also sad because I know how much work i'm in store for this year... 

Anyway, here's some tips and some advice which I think will be useful, at the bottom of this post i've also put a little check list of things you might need, so hopefully this is useful to some people. 

Join Societies & Get Involved

Honestly I think this is such an important one, there's so many opportunities at university to really get involved, clubs and societies are a great way to meet new people and are great for enhancing your CV. I only really started getting involved in my second year however I really wish I had sooner, as i've met so many different people and gained so many new social skills. 

Work Hard & Play Hard

It's important to balance that workload with some recreational time, It's easy to neglect everything once you start university but it's really good practice to try to stay motivated and find a balance. Make sure you keep on top of your workload because at the end of the day, you're paying so much money to go to university so you might as well make the most of it. It's really important to work hard but it's equally as important to socialise, discover new hobbies and have some fun. 

Look After Your Mental Health

This is super important for everyone. University is a whole new experience for most people, it can be tough especially leaving home and leaving your family and friends for the first time. The workload can get incredibly intense and keeping on top of things can be a struggle. If you find yourself struggling, it's so important to talk to someone. 99% of universities have incredibly good welfare facilities, so book an appointment with a councillor, or talk to a friend or lecturer. Don't let things build up, you don't have to suffer in silence. 

Enjoy What You Do

Not many people actually know, but before I did the course i'm doing now (Games Computing), I actually did a year of Law in London. I absolutely hated it, there were so many things about it which just weren't for me, so I stuck it out a year and now i'm doing something which I love. It's important that you really enjoy what you do, even if you end up in a different career. If you find in your first year university, or your course, really isn't for you, don't panic. There's plenty of opportunities for you to change the path your on. 

 Money, Money, Money!

Here is one of the most important lessons you'll ever learn in life, managing your money. Be careful especially if you're taking out a student overdraft as once you've finished university, you have a limited time to pay it back. If you can, set yourself a weekly budget, if you're really struggling there's always the possibility of getting a job or talking to an advisor at your university. I personally have a separate bank account for things like direct debits, my phone bills and Spotify etc. I find that this is so helpful as then I know i'll always have the money to keep on top of these things, even if I do overspend a little. So yes, budgeting is really important, don't let money be your biggest worry at university as it can really eat away at you. 

University Essentials Checklist


Hair equipment (Straighteners/Dryer/etc)


Pots & Pans
Kitchen Roll
Washing Up Liquid/Washing Up Gloves
Baking Tray
Chopping Board


Bedding (Sheet/Duvet/Duvet Cover/Pillowcase)


Toilet Roll
Cleaning Items
Wash Products
Sanitary Towels/Tampons


Stationery (Pens, Notebooks, etc)
Bedroom Decorations
Health Items (Painkillers, Contraception, Plasters, etc)
Small Bin (For Bathroom/Bedroom)

So there you have it, my top advice for if you're starting/going back to university, and also my top checklist items. I hope this has been useful, if you're not at university or aren't planning on going then i'm sorry but this post might not be of any interest to you. 

For me these little tips are the most important, the main thing is to have fun and work hard and follow your dreams. University opens many doors so take advantage of every opportunity you're offered as you never know where it will lead you.

I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week! Let me know if you feel i've missed anything or whether you're heading back to university or not!


  1. This is such great tips!! Thanks for sharing

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Great tips! University was such a fun time in my life. I think alot of this tips should continue after school.

  3. I'm looking at going to university in the next few years so this post was definitely helpful! Great tips! X



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