Wednesday, 27 September 2017

My Hair Care Tips // How To Get Long, Thick Hair

Hiya everyone, I hope you're all having an amazing day so far. I've spent the day at uni and now i'm back at home doing some assignment work, look at me, such a hard worker *some times*...

Sooooo I'm not going to lie, on Monday I ordered my new camera *EEK*, some new lighting and a tripod however none of it has arrived! I thought this blog post was going to be all snazzy with my new set up but unfortunately, nope. Amazon Prime really isn't the service I thought it was going to be, next day delivery...Pfft! 

I thought it might be nice to do a hair-related blog post, although i'm no where near an expert on styling or colouring or anything like that, I do think i'm in a position to offer some tips on how I keep my hair super healthy. My hair luckily is naturally quite thick, wavy but does tend to pick up a lot of grease and get oily quickly. 

Firstly, I don't constantly brush my hair. I literally brush it once in the morning, before I wash my hair and before bed and that's it. I know this sounds silly but I truly think over-brushing it is not good for your hair at all. 

Secondly, I don't like using a huge amount of products. Although I am keen to try some new hair care things, I do tend to stick to the same things. The reason why I don't like using a lot of products is because sometimes mixing so many different ingredients together on your hair, especially when it's heavily coloured, can cause it to become more damaged. I also don't like using too many products because it means I have to wash my hair more often!
 Before I use any heat on my hair I literally douse my hair with a heat protector spray. I looove this one by Tresemme, and it's enriched with Keratin so it definitely helps smooth out my crazy hair. I think it's so important to use some sort of heat protection, even if you're just drying your hair before bed as it will help prevent heat damage and split ends.
  I really try hard not to use too much heat on my hair, I definitely feel like this just dries it out and damages it more so if you're someone with thin hair and you're trying to thicken it up, try cutting out heat products for a few days to give your hair a break. I let my hair dry naturally when I can and because I don't wash my hair too often, once I straighten it, it stays straight for a couple of days.
I know i've mentioned a couple of times that I rarely wash my hair and this is because I think that it just becomes more dry and damaged the more often I wash it. I also think that it's important to use a shampoo and conditoner which is suitable for your hair type, whether that's dry hair, coloured hair or curly hair, it will honestly make such a difference. 

I know these seem like pretty straightforward tips, but they're definitely things to consider if you don't already do them. I know most of the time hair growth is down to genetics but there are definitely things which can help it. 

I hope you all have an amazing week and hopefullllyy by Friday my new set up will all be here! Let me know if you have any hair tips or hair products which you absolutely love!


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