Friday, 1 September 2017

August Favourites // 2017

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having an amazing week. I've been back at home and it's been so nice, although very busy. I'm so excited to go back to Leeds to hang out with my boyfriend for a bit before I go back to uni for my final year. 

Today I thought i'd do my August favourites so I don't leave it too late or forget! To be honest i'm not great at doing monthly favourites regularly, mostly because I haven't used too much new stuff recently and often I stick to the same things but in August there's was some new additions I wanted to talk about. 

I've done a full review of this beautiful palette here if you fancy checking it out, but this palette definitely deserves a mention in my favourites. I won't go into as much detail here about it as I did in my review, but basically I am in love with this palette. The colours are incredibly warm and versatile, and you can create so many different looks. I've used this nearly every time i've worn makeup this month and because I travel to and from Leeds regularly, this is an amazing palette for travelling. 

Again, if you've read my newest blog post on my thoughts about the combination pill you'll have known i've had some trouble with mine. I changed to this one on the 20th of August and it's made such a difference, not just to my skin but also my mental health and health in general. I'm so happy that i've changed to this one as my skin isn't as dry, i'm not feeling low anymore and I just generally feel so much better in myself. I'll leave a link here to my in depth post about contraception but this has definitely been a favourite of mine this month!

As you can see by this photo, this palette is very well loved. This is in the shade 'Ultra Light', as i'm really quite pale and it cost £3.50, an absolute bargain. I've had this for a while but the reason i've added it to my favourites now is because of the amount of times I use it and I just absolutely love it. It's so pigmented, easy to blend and easy to travel with. For the price you really can't go wrong. 

So this is a bit of a random addition to my favourites, like my new contraceptive pill, but I couldn't not include this because I love it so much. I will do anything to try and save a bit of money on beauty treatments, and because i'm half girl half hairy monkey, I do get dark hairs growing super fast on my upper lip. I've had this for quite a while but it's only recently where i've truly appreciated it. For £5.50 I feel like this is such a bargain as it lasts so long and the results are amazing. It comes with the hair remover and a moisturiser and once you've done it the results last a long time, so you end up saving lots of money from not having to go to a beauty salon. 


As soon as I started watching this I was hooked. It's a 7 part true crime documentary series which focuses on the unsolved murder of a nun. If you're like me and love watching true crime, I definitely think you'll like this. It's chilling and incredibly thought provoking, I love that it addresses some really serious issues and everything is very well presented. I won't go too much more into it as I don't want to spoil anything, but this is something I absolutely loved and couldn't leave it out of my favourites. 

I hope you've enjoyed this very varied favourites post, let me know if there's anything in particular you've been loving throughout August! Have an amazing weekend everyone!



  1. Love your August Favorite List! Definitely going to add the Keepers on my list! :)


  2. The modern ren palette is gorgeous and I'm desperate to get my hands on it! X


    1. It's so beautiful! I would definitely recommend it! X x


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