Monday, 14 August 2017

NARS // NARSissist Palette Review

Hiya everyone, I hope you've all had a fabulous weekend! I had a pretty chill one (as usual) and today I've just been running some errands. I absolutely love being in Leeds as there's so much to see and it makes a change as Lincoln is so small in comparison.

Anyway, today's post is one which I actually wasn't going to do, mainly because NARS has been at the centre of controversy recently with their decision to sell to mainland China (meaning that they will no longer be cruelty free!) However, I wanted to do a review of this palette as I see so many people wondering whether they should get it or not, I thought this might be helpful.

First of all, this palette is pretty pricey at a whopping £55.00 it's by far the most expensive palette I own, and if the price makes you dubious about buying it, I don't blame you as it is a huge amount to splash out on. You can buy it from quite a few places online which do offer discount codes from time to time like ASOS, Space NK and Feel Unique. I managed to get it from ASOS when they had a 20% off everything offer. 

One of the main things that I'm not a fan of is this chrome-like packaging. It does get so dirty and it usually ends up covered in finger prints and make up, however, it is super easy to clean so it's not like the germs and dirt are stored there forever.

Another thing i've noticed about this palette is that there's a bit of fall out with some of the shades. I wouldn't say the fall out is a huge issue though, because as i've expanded my palette collection I have noticed that some of the better shades do have a bit of fallout, it generally means that they're more pigmented and easier to blend. 

So now that i've told you what I dislike about this palette, which to be honest isn't a lot, i'll tell you what I love about it too. I love that all the shades are super pigmented and easy to blend, I've used them all and so far there's been no problem with any of them. I also love that the shimmer shades are really shimmery, yet pigmented and I also love the fact that you can create so many different looks from this palette, it's so versatile and you don't really have to think too hard about using it, if that makes sense.

I do like that the shade names are printed on the back of the palette, it makes it easy to see what you're using and makes your favourite shades easy to identify. 

Shades bottom to top: Newbury Street, Windsor, Privilege & Dover

Shades bottom to top: Foix, Castille, Alnwick & Beaumaris

Shades bottom to top: Splendor, Versailles, Montaillou & Reale 

Honestly, I've got so much use out of this palette that I don't even think twice now about how much it cost. Initially it is a big investment, although you really do get the use out of it, especially if you love warm tones as much as I do. When I bought the Modern Renaissance palette I did worry that this one would get neglected, but I do keep coming back to it because the formula is so amazing.

Have you ever tried any NARS products? I'd love to know what you think of this brand! 



  1. The shades really do look so pigmented, and I love the warmer shades in the second swatch, they look really wearable x

    Velvet Blush

    1. The second row is definitely my favourite, I'm obsessed with warm tones! X

  2. Theres some gorgeous shades in there, but I think if I could only purchase one, I would choose the new naked heat palette.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I've been eyeing up the new naked heat palette, it looks so gorgeous! I'm obsessed with warm toned eyeshadow palettes! X x

  3. Those shades are so gorgeous! Very pigmented too! x


    1. I absolutely love them, they are one of the best formulated eyeshadows i've used in a long time! X


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