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My Least Favourite Beauty Products // What I Regret Buying

 Hello everyone, I hope you're all having an amazing bank holiday! I have literally done nothing apart from catch up on the Game of Thrones season finale which was honestly mind blowing. If you don't watch GoT I definitely recommend watching it. 

Today's post is kind of like a favourites opposite. I put together some of the products which I actually wish i'd never bought. The reasons for each of the products are very mixed, and of course, this is just my opinion, I know that there's some products in here which people do love. 

First up is the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder, which cost £24.00, in the shade 'Luminous'. 

Now, I bought this product on a whim when I went on a trip to London, and the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, it even comes with a little hidden compartment which contains the cutest brush. Overall this product is of really high quality however I just never wear it, I think i've owned it for about 2 years now and i've literally worn it twice. It's fantastic for nights out as it's so glittery but I just dont find myself reaching for it. I travel quite a lot as well so this definitely isn't travel friendly as it's quite bulky. 

So overall, a lovely product don't get me wrong however I just don't use it so it really wasn't worth spending £24 on. 

Next is this beautiful eye shadow by MAC Cosmetics in the shade 'Amber Lights'. I actually can't believe that this costs £13.50, it's the most expensive single eyeshadow I own.

The reason this is one of my least favourite purchases is because although the shade is absolutely beautiful, and I can't fault the formula, I never use this. In the Morphe 35W there is a shade which is nearly exactly the same as this one with a similar pigmentation, and that whole palette has 35 shades for £22.00. 

This definitely isn't travel friendly and I much prefer palettes rather than these single, bulky eye shadow pots. The pot itself is actually quite flimsy, I think that if you did use this regularly the little hinge bit could become quite unstable. 

So overall, if you are thinking of buying a single eyeshadow i'd definitely recommend getting the little pan ones and buying an empty palette as this is just so expensive and so bulky.

Okay so I have actually done a review on this which i'll link here, but next up is my Tarte Tease palette. You'll know if you read in my review that I got this when it was on sale and i'm honestly so thankful that I did because if i'd have payed £18.00 for this I wouldn't have been happy. 

You can see from the picture that Whisper and Wink are the only two shades that I use from this palette and to be honest they've lasted me hardly any time, i've hit pan relatively quickly compared to other palettes I own. 

Crush is a pretty colour but only when applied using your finger and even then the longevity of it isn't very good. I use the two lighter colours as base colours or transition tones.

The reason this is a product which I regret buying is not only because I think it's so overpriced for what you actually get, but the colours just aren't pigmented at all. I had a really hard time blending this together and making it look nice. I have heard Tarte have different formulas for different palettes so i'd definitely give them another try, but as for this one, not impressed at all. I think there's so many drugstore palettes which perform 10x better than this one.

Next up is the Jefree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost Highlighter in the shade 'Ice Cold'. This cost me £25.50 from Beauty Bay.

The reason this one is in my least favourites is mainly because I never use it, even from the picture you can tell that this product is not well loved by me. This isn't because of the formula, because quite frankly this is a blinding highlighter, I just never reach for it and because it's quite bulky it's quite annoying to travel with. 

I do think that the packaging is good and I love how it feels quite heavy and it's got a nice big mirror in it, but I really could have saved myself that £25.50. I also feel a bit apprehensive using this because well, Jefree Star is incredibly controversial and to be honest I struggle to forget some of the hurtful things he's said in the past.

So finally we have the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD liquid foundation, this cost £27.00 from Debenhams as I got it when there was £3.00 off it. 

Honestly, I am so angry with myself for giving into the hype around this product as it's the most disgusting foundation I have ever used. For £27 i'd expect something as good as the Estee Lauder double wear but this is nothing like it. It's supposed to be a medium coverage foundation however I don't feel like it could even be classed as a light coverage. 

The main reasons why I dislike this so much is that it's so, so thick. It's incredibly sticky and once it's on your face it dries so quickly that it's nearly impossible to get a nice blend on it. However it doesn't look like you've got any foundation on at all, and not in a good way. It sticks to certain areas of my face unlike any foundation i've ever used. I've tried so many different brushes and beauty blenders to make this work but it just doesn't. The pigmentation is pretty poor too. 

When I do wear this I have to have a face full of concealer and powder to make it look right, and yes, in photos it does work quite well with all the extra product but in real life it just looks tragic.

For me personally this was such a waste on money and I definitely won't be repurchasing foundation from Make Up For Ever again as I definitely felt a bit scammed. There are so many amazing drugstore foundations out there now that I feel when a company charges this much for such a poor quality product it's absolutely ridiculous. 

So there you go, some of my least favourite purchases from my beauty collection. I am usually very frugal when it comes to buying makeup and I make sure I do my research before buying an expensive product however, some of these were exceptions. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I don't usually post 'negative' things like this although I thought this might be an interesting one to do, and it's not like I absolutely hate these brands, it's just these particular products didn't work out for me.

Have you ever bought any products that you've been disappointed with?



  1. I feel you when it comes to highlighters. I went through a stage of having way too many. They last so long that I generally only go through one a year, maybe longer so it's easy to forget about other ones in your stash.

    Em |

    1. Definitely! It's a shame there's so many regular highlight releases as they just last me so long that I end up neglecting the others! X x

  2. I don't use my Jeffree star highlighters as much as I should. I'm the same I find them a little too intense xx

    1. I find them so huge and bulky! But I totally agree with you, the first time I used this I definitely looked like i'd just been rolled around in a big tub of highlighter, haha! X x

  3. Finally! I blog post of beauty products we shouldn't bother getting :) there are sooo many products I regret getting. And I agree about £20 for a bronzer - one you SHOULD def invest in is the KIKO Fall 2.0 Baked Bronzer - 01 Warm Melange. It's smells amazing and the pigment is amazing, it stays all day x

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