Tuesday, 8 August 2017

20 Blog Post Ideas

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend, I'm back in Leeds so I have lots of different posts planned for the rest of the month! 

It's an awkward time of year really for blog posts, in my opinion. I'm not going on holiday this Summer or else those holiday-type posts would be my go-to! And with being on a budget it's often hard to stop myself from buying new releases to review. I'm excited for Autumn/Winter as I have so many fun ideas for blog posts, however recently i've just been a bit stuck.

I thought i'd compile a little list, for if you're ever in a similar situation like me, on a budget and a little bit lost on what to post. (And also for me to look at in the future!)

1. Monthly favourites

2. A recipe post (baking, healthy snacks etc...)

3. Wish lists (homeware, clothes, makeup etc...)

4. Current skin care routine

5. Ways you unwind/relax

6. Brand focus post 

7. Favourite go-to outfit/wardrobe staples post

8. Favourite make up products

9. Best/worst beauty products you own

10. Product review (makeup palette, electrical product etc...)

11. Find a free event near you and review it

12. Favourite decor items in your home

13.  Current favourite bloggers/content creators 

14. Q&A post

15.  Favourite current film/playlist list

16. Makeup/Skin care tips and advice

17. Favourite fragrances post (candles, perfume etc...)

18. Travel bucket list 

19. Favourite/most used apps

20. What I eat in a day 

I hope these have been somewhat helpful, they're just a handful of ideas if you're ever having a time where you're a bit stuck on what to post and if you're on a budget! I wish that I could go out and buy new products to review and try every week but alas, I can't! 

I know this post is quite short and sweet but let me know in the comments if you have any more blog post ideas to add! 



  1. Thank you for sharing these great post ideas

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Great post!



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