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Anastasia Beverly Hills // Modern Renaissance Palette Review

Hiya everyone I hope you're all having a fab week so far! Myself and my Mum hosted a Macmillan coffee day yesterday and it went so well, we managed to raise just over £300, so I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of support we received. 

I've been torn for a while over whether or not I should buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, all the reviews seem extremely positive and the colours are so dreamy. So, I thought i'd bite the bullet and just buy it. Subculture, the sister palette to this, has just come out I was interested in that one too however it was unfortunately sold out.

I bought this palette from Beauty Bay, a UK stockist of ABH products and it cost £41.00 with free next day delivery. 

I'm a huuuge fan of warm toned palettes so the colours in this just speak to me.

I tried the brush in the palette however I found it quite stiff and scratchy so maybe after a wash it will soften up a little bit. 

I have to say all of these shades are extremely pigmented, they blend absolutely wonderfully and you can create so many looks from it. I love the fact that with a bit of primer, these shadows stay on for the longest time and don't slip around if that makes sense.

This palette is cruelty free which is absolutely amazing. You also get 0.02 oz of product in each of the shades (approx 0.6 grams for £3 worth of product). In the ABH single eye shadows you get 16.7 grams of product for £10. So really, the ABH single eye shadows are better value for the amount of product you actually get, however there are a lot of amazing limited colours in this palette which you can't buy as singles. 

I have to say though, one of my only negative comments about this palette is that if you're using a fluffy brush and dip into a colour, there is a tonne of fall out. If i'm being honest though for me that's not too much of a problem as they're super pigmented and easy to blend, so if you're a bit careful it's fine.

Even if you're using a variety of different palettes, there's some absolutely gorgeous shades in here for things like transition colours. So you are able to dip into multiple palettes you don't just have to stick with this to create one look!

The only other thing i'm not particularly keen on is the texture of the palette. It's almost like a fury box which definitely looks luxe when you first get it, although you have to be really careful if you have makeup on your hands when touching it as it can get dirty very quickly. This isn't really a problem for some people but the texture is definitely a germ hoarder. Also the reflective, black inside design isn't really my cup of tea, but that's just me being fussy I guess!

Top row, left to right

TEMPERA: A gorgeous light beige, matte finish
GOLDEN OCHRE: Yellow toned golden colour, matte finish
VERMEER: The cutest shimmery iridescent pink
BUON FRESCO: Pretty matte lilac 
ANTIQUE BRONZE: Shimmery brown with a purple/berry toned tint to it
LOVE LETTER: Bright cranberry pink 
CYPRUS UMBER: Dark chocolate brown

Bottom row, left to right

RAW SIENNA: Sandy brown with a slight burnt orange tint to it
BURNT ORANGE: A darker, less brown version of Raw Sienna 
PRIMAVERA: The most gorgeous shimmery gold/champagne colour
RED OCHRE: A deep, dark red 
VENETIAN RED: Deep, rich cranberry colour with shimmer
WARM TAUPE: Soft caramel, light beige colour
REALGAR: The most beautiful burnt orange matte

To be honest I definitely think this palette lives up to the hype, it does take a bit of practice to use the deeper, brighter colours at first if you're not that used to palettes which are this pigmented, but after a couple of tries you'll be fine! I love that this palette is amazing for pros, but also just for makeup lovers like myself. It's a great palette for if you're travelling as it's got such a variety of shades in there. 

I would highly recommend Modern Renaissance, however, I feel like there are a lot of decent dupes out there so if all the colours don't appeal to you there's definitely other options out there for you.

Let me know if you've tried any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills products and what you thought about them! 



  1. The colours in this palette looks really pretty!

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. They are absolutely stunning! Very versatile too so you can have a variety of different looks! X


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