Thursday, 27 July 2017

What's In My Handbag

Hiya everyone, I hope you're all having an amazing week so far!

If you're nosey like me then this post is probably for you. I decided to do a what's in my bag, although this is a 'small' bag edition. I personally love seeing what people carry around with them, I'll definitely be doing a 'big' handbag edition as the items I carry definitely do differ depending on what i'm doing or what size bag I choose to take out with me.

I personally love small bags at the minute, they're just so convenient and I don't end up filling it with loads of junk as there's no room haha!

The first thing I carry around is my purse. This doesn't change as it's my absolute favourite purse ever, well, more large purse/wallet style. I got this as a gift before I went to uni and it's by Vivienne Westwood. It has so many compartments which is so handy for cards and change and it's amazing quality. I handle it a lot, have taken it on numerous nights out and although it's slightly worn, there's no damage to it. So, for 3 and a half years use it's definitely been well used.

I love to carry around a pair of sunglasses, these ones are from Primark and remind me of the Dior ones! I love them in the summer because of the sunshine and also if you suffer from hayfever, having a pair of sunnies on hand is a good call! They're also handy to carry around in winter because the sun can get so bright, protect your eyes!

I carry around my house keys, although I haven't remembered to put my Moomin keyring back on so i've had to tie a little ribbon around them so they're easy to grab from my bag. I usually have a bundle of old receipts in my bag however, i seem to be stashing them away in my purse recently and only have the one in my bag! 

Carrying a pen around is definitely handy as you never know when you'll need a spare one! And also hand sanitiser, I generally don't go anywhere without this as it's so important to keep your hands clean, especially if you're in public and touching a lot of communal things like escalators. I have a variety of 'flavours' but the Carex brand is my favourite!

I always carry around some lip balm, Carmex is my all time favourite as it keeps your lips so hydrated and moisturised. If I'm wearing a particular lip colour that day i'll also take it out with me so I can top it up throughout the day.

I hope you've enjoyed this little nosey into what I keep in my smaller handbag, is there anything in particular you carry with you when you go out? 


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