Wednesday, 19 July 2017

New Years Resolutions // A Mid-Year Update

Hiya lovelies! 

So today is a short, but sweet, post about whether or not i'm keeping to my new years resolutions and just a general life update.

I don't usually like to make new years resolutions as I never stick to them, or I forget about them halfway through the year but this year I have (mostly) tried to stick to them.

One of my goals was to go cruelty free, and this is definitely something that I've managed to stick to. Sometimes it's been hard as a beauty blogger, as there's been so many amazing releases this year and products which i've wanted to try, but couldn't. But, overall I think it's a really good principle to stick to and i'm so happy that i've managed to do that.  I own a few non-cruelty free products, but thats because they've been too expensive to just throw away, but once they're used up then I won't repurchase them.

The second resolution I set myself was to better my time management, and this was more aimed at uni assignments and exam revision rather than anything else. I managed to finish uni (2nd year) with a 2:1, but I know I can do better so this is definitely a resolution which I need to keep in mind and work on when I go into third year.

Healthy eating/lifestyle. Okay so I have definitely slipped on this one, however this weekend I got back into counting calories and macros and I'm just in a much better mind frame going into it this time. I started the year off well, I lost a bit of weight then I definitely slipped up and couldn't get back into it. Recently i've felt quite 'down' about my figure and I want to take cute outfit posts however I'm just so unhappy with the way my body looks that I don't feel confident enough to yet. I'm determined to get back into shape so hopefully i'll end the year off feeling better about myself! 

Did you set any resolutions for this year and did you manage to stick to them?! 


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