Saturday, 8 July 2017

Cruelty Free 2017 // Superdrug Tanning Favourites

Helloo everyone, I hope you're all having a fab weekend so far. I'm sorry I have been a bit MIA, I had an internship where I was working more than I was used to so couldn't keep up my schedule sooo anyway back to business now I have no excuses!

I managed to get a 2:1 overall for my second year of uni, yay me! I'm already so excited to go back and get stuck into my third year. 

We've been super lucky with the weather in England this year and have had some absolutely beautiful days, unfortunately for me I am SO pale and have a massive fear of sun damage and stuff so I decided to try out some of the Superdrug tanning products. I love fake tan when it's done well because you can have the beautiful bronze skin without the risk of sunburn/sun damage. 


So I picked up these two products, as I love mousse tanners as you can see where it's going whilst you apply it and this shimmer oil just lured me in. It literally looks like liquid gold! 

Superdrug always have loads of great deals on so I managed to get these on a buy one get one half price offer, although they do have different offers online so it's definitely worth checking out!

One of the biggest things I looove about this Solait brand is that it's cruelty free, yay! 

So, the mousse comes in at an amazing £4.99, absolute bargain! I love that this doesn't have that horrid typical fake tan smell, it's very subtle to a point it hardly has any scent at all. I got this in the medium as I really am so pale but it comes in a darker one too. It does last a few days and once the first initial shower and all the excess comes off, it leaves you with a beautiful, bronze tan. It doesn't take too long to develop but just be wary putting this on before bed as it does leave a lot of excess product on clothes! Absolutely love this fake tan and i will definitely be buying it again!

The shimmer oil costs £4.99 as well and this is just so nice because it feels so moisturising when you put it on. The glitter isn't too extreme and the colour definitely isn't as pigmented as it is in the bottle, however it does leave you with glowy, soft skin. This product actually worked so well with the fake tan as it kind of got rid of that dry, scaly feeling you sometimes have with tanning products. It's also so beautiful when it catches the sun and has a really lovely scent which isn't overpowering. 

Have you tried out any of the Solait tanning products, or discovered any new favourite tanning items this year?! 



  1. Loved this post, I love the Solait tanning products so much. Next time your in Superdrug, pick up the Dry Oil, honestly you will not be disappointed, I was sceptical of it at first but its so easy to apply and looks absolutely amazing. I've tried everything in the range and it's my absolute favourite. Also if you use a gradual tanner and don't like to do your hands and feet, incase they go patchy, leave them until it's developed and then put on the dry oil and it blends in so well and then if it lightens with washing your hands you can always touch it up as well. I love it both by itself and with another tan.

    Lisa | Soho Stripes

    1. I want to try their whole range! I'll definitely pick up the dry oil when I next go in as it sounds amazing! I definitely struggle with the dreaded patchy hands sometimes haha! X


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