Saturday, 3 June 2017

HD Brows // Are They Really Worth It?

 Hiya everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely weeeek! I'm getting on top with all my Summer personal projects this week and also getting prepared as I have an internship which starts at the end of June which I'm excited/nervous about! 

So one of my new years resolutions was to kind of keep on top of all my beauty things, just to make myself feel better and more confident in myself. I have been slacking slightly, especially with my hair however one thing I've always been really interested in is having HD brows done.

Now I don't have super thin brows, they grow quickly and are very hard to maintain. I usually just plucked them and tried to shape them myself however I felt that they were slipping into the classic 'sperm' brow territory and decided that it was time to go and have someone shape them for me. 

(Left: Before, Right: After) 

Patch Test

Before having HD brows done you must get a patch test done. If the place you've chosen doesn't do this then DON'T GO. You could have a really serious reaction. The best thing is to have a look on the HD brows website and they have all the listed salons there where they have had real HD brow training.

Anyway, the patch test is just like a little transfer tattoo which you have done 48 hours before your appointment. Mine kind of went all crackly but it was fine, no reaction or itching or anything so it was all good.

The Appointment 

So HD brows involve having your brows waxed, threaded and tinted. I thought at first this was maybe a little bit excessive however, I was wrong. The precision which went into it was amazing, it wasn't too uncomfortable and actually oddly satisfying knowing all those rouge hairs were getting waxed away. Because I have dark hair I get a lot of patches between my eyebrow and my hairline, and they're soo hard to pluck out however with this process it was just pow, gone, bye! 

After the hair removal process and tinting I then had them filled in with some product before I left. The lady who did them was soo helpful, giving me lots of tips and tricks to how I can make my brows looks filled and well shaped with product and brushes. 

You're supposed to leave them for 4-5 weeks before you book another appointment however to get the best results you should leave them well alone, let them grow out until they are absolutely unbearable, and then get them redone. It's been about 3 weeks since I had mine done now and they're still so lovely, so i'll be leaving mine for another couple of weeks I think!

(Top left: Before, bottom left: During and right: After) 

Overall, I have to say that this experience was totally worth it, I paid £25 with student discount and I have no regrets! My eyebrows have been shaped perfectly and I couldn't believe the results after just 1 appointment. I honestly couldn't recommend it more, especially if you're used to just plucking them yourself, or feel like you need a bit of a reshape, HD brows are definitely the way to go.  

If you're located near Lincoln, UK I would highly recommend the place I went to get mine done which I will link below. I hope this has been useful if you've ever been curious about HD brows! 

Where I got mine done:


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