Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Morphe 35W Palette Review // Yay or Nay?

Hiya everyone! It's another beeeeautiful day here, I made the mistake of going out earlier in a thick jumper and tights and was sooo hot and clammy. I'm a terrible judge of the weather! 

I hope you all had an amazing bank holiday weekend, I keep seeing loads of holiday snaps on Insta and I'm getting so jealous, are you guys going anywhere nice this year?

A while ago I bought my first Morphe palette from Beauty Bay and thought I'd do a little review as I know loads of people aren't sure about this brand so I'm going to give my honest opinion!

So, this cost £22.00 from Beauty Bay, which is an aaaamazing website by the way, it does loads of American brands too with a very reasonable delivery charge and at normal prices. 

The W stands for warm, which is exactly what this palette is about. Lots of deep browns and purples which are perfect for Autumn/Winter but there's a few peachy tones in there too and lots of good transitional colours.

I was really excited to get this as I've been looking for a reasonably priced palette for a long time and this is great for when I go away, I can just take this one instead of lots of individuals or a few little palettes. It's not very heavy and the packaging is well, OKAY. Not the best as it doesn't have a mirror or anything but it's cheap, and that's its main selling point.

I did some finger swatches and tried to get a bit of variety in there, I didn't want to swatch the whole thing because well, there's loads. These are a few of my favourite ones. Two of my go-to looks from this palette are a deep copper look and a peachy, every day look. I haven't been brave enough to use any of the purples yet but I'm definitely going to try them soon.

Overall the pigments in these are a solid 7/10. I rated them high compared to some people because I find they work really well on my eyes, even the lighter transitional colours. The dark and the foiled colours tend to come out the best and they're not patchy at all like some dark colours can get. 

For the amazing price you can't really go wrong to be honest. You can create lots of different looks with this palette which I absolutely love. I would say it's the perfect palette if you're just getting started with eye make up and perfecting it. 

I know there's a bit of drama surrounding Morphe because a lot of influencers have coupon codes and there's a lot online saying that they make terrible quality products and just want the money. Honestly, I wouldn't pay too much attention because for the price of this palette you definitely get a good deal. The pigments are great, you get a good amount of each shade and you get a good variety too. 

So overall, I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who's curious to try it out. Honestly, I wasn't expecting too much purely because it's so cheap but I was pleasantly surprised and have began to use this everyday. I do like that it's not too heavy purely because when you go away it's easy to carry. The only negative thing is probably the size. It's quite hard to store and kind of gets in the way but hey, that's something I'm willing to overlook. 

Now that it's my Summer holiday from uni I'm excited to get back into blogging more regularly so keep an eye out for more posts to come. I'm so close to my next goal on Bloglovin so I'd love it if you could help me reach it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope it's helped you if you're thinking of buying a Morphe palette! Have an amazing week! 

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