Wednesday, 1 March 2017

My skincare routine

Hellooo everyone, I hope you're all having a fabulous week so far! I'm going out tonight with some friends and tomorrow I have my first induction for a teacher training internship which I'm doing throughout June - excitingggg!

So I thought i'd do a blog post about my current skin care routine and what it entails, because my skin is something which has caused me a lot of stress in the past and i'm finally in a position where i'm happy, and comfortable with it. Soo if you're struggling with your skin, or just fancy a read, keep reading!

So, let's rewind to my secondary school years. My skin was horrific, I had terrible acne and on top of that my skin was so oily. I would cake my face in make up to try and cover the spots (not good!) then when I got home and took it off, using make up wipes (noooo) I realised all the cakey make up had caused my spots to 'rise' which resulted in me squeezing and picking them which just made everything worse. It really was a vicious, spotty cycle. 

So, now I'm 21, nearly 22 and I can honestly say my skin is in the best condition it's ever been. I have tried sooo many products and I find that less is definitely more. I can wake up every morning with clear skin and even go out without foundation if I wanted to! (Such a big deal as I thought I'd have to live in foundation forever!) I went on Gedarel contraceptive pill a year ago and that has also helped to clear up my acne, but my skin care routine has also ridiculously helped. 


- Lush 'Eau Roma Water' £4.75 100g 
- Sudocrem £2.60 125g (Waitrose)
- Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish' 100ml + 2 cloths £15.50
- Camex strawberry spf15 £2.60 Essentials London

I start off my evening by taking my make up off using the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. I go on and on about how amazing this product is but I've honestly never used anything like it. It takes away even thick, heavy make up, it's so gentle on your eyes and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Also, it's such a good price for all those good ingredients, a 100ml bottle lasts me about a month or just over and I wear make up almost every day. 

Next up I spray my face and neck with the toner water from Lush. This product is AMAZING, I never realised how much I needed it in my life until I used it. It soothes any dry skin and leaves your face feeling fresh and hydrated. 

Next up, if you've got a few big nasty spots on your face reach for some Sudocrem. Honestly this stuff has saved me on sooo many occasions. It dries them out completely so you wake up the next morning and they're no longer big and red. It's perfect for if you've got something important going on the next day and you have a big obnoxious spot lurking on your face, trust me!

Finally, Carmex, where would I be without you. This stuff is amazing. It leaves your lips hydrated and fresh, protects them from the sun and if you have any cuts or cracks it heals them so quickly. 

As I said earlier, less is definitely more for me hence why there's not many products. Because of my naturally spotty skin I keep to this same routine because the minute I use loads of random products my skin just flares up and I wake up with a fresh batch of spots. 


- Carmex strawberry spf15 £2.60 Essentials London
- B. Confident Moisture gel phase 1 50ml £4.95 Superdrug

Yes I know there's just two products here, but they're two amazing products.

Firstly, I start off by washing my face with warm water and pat it dry. I won't bore you with more talk about carmex, but this moisturising gel from Superdrug is phenomenal. I was very dubious to try this but I was desperate for a new, cruelty free moisturiser soooo I opted for this one and I haven't been let down. The gel is so soothing and hydrating and when I use it before my makeup it doesn't leave my skin dry or cakey, it looks radiant and dewy. It has a hint of cucumber to the scent so it smells so refreshing and lovely in the mornings.

For me personally, my night time routine is more important than my morning on as that's the time when my skin is healing and replenishing itself so it's important to give it that extra boost to do that.


- Clarins pure melt cleansing gel £18.90 125ml Debenhams 
- Clarins gentle exfoliating cleanser £18.90 125ml Debenhams 

Both of these products not only smell amazing but also leave your skin feeling refreshed, energised and clean. The cleansing gel removes all traces of dirt or left over make up and the exfoliating cleanser isn't rough or hard, but it removes all the dead skin which builds up on your face. I use these usually once or maybe twice a week just to make my face extra clean, but no more than that as I don't like to bombard my skin with too many products. But, it seems to do the trick!

Let me know if you have any miracle products, or if you have a certain skin care routine which you love! 


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