Monday, 13 February 2017

Heellooo everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend...

Firstly, I feel like I'm always apologising for being a bit MIA - blogging is obviously something I do as a hobby and not as a career, uni and everything else comes first, BUT, I have moved house (yay!) so I've been a bit preoccupied getting everything sorted and stuff and now I can finally go back to blogging!

Right, so, January favourites.... I know this is very delayed but seeing as I've had no internet and what not, I think I can be excused just this once. 

This cost £4.50 for 100g, it's a rose water toner type thing, and I have been spraying it all over my face and neck before I go to bed after cleansing and my skin is soooo radiant the next day. I basically bought this because I have been suffering with ridiculously dry, sensitive skin and the more products I use the worse my skin gets. So, I have been trying out simple, natural products and honestly, this seems to be doing the trick! It has soothed my red, dry skin and gives it a nice, lavender freshness before bed, so lovelyyyy! 

Next up is this soft matte lip cream by NYX cosmetics in the shade 09 Abu Dhabi, a brand which is so affordable and they make amazing quality products. This cost me £5.50 and I have to say it's amazing, the colour is the most beautiful brown/nude shade and perfect for day or night looks. I love the formula as it doesn't leave your lips crusty or dry, it nourishes them and the colour stays put for hours! 

Okay so this is a bit different as I don't usually talk about tanning products well, ever! So I went into Superdrug because my boyfriend and mum both can't stand the smell of the cheap mousse self tan and this was on offer so I thought i'd give it a go as I've never used a tanning gel before. It is amazing, especially for pale skin like mine as it's not ridiculously dark. The gel is tinted so you can see where it's going, it smells amazing and dries really quickly. It also leaves this beautiful glittery shimmer which will be perfect when it comes to the summer season, so yes, I was very impressed with this buy!

Chloe perfume is just the perfume of dreams in my opinion, this is the Eau de Parfum for her and the smell is really beautiful, slightly floral and delicate. It's currently £47 for 30ML on The Perfume Shop but it is SO worth the purchase. Obviously I know perfume is a very personal thing, but what I love about this scent is that it's so delicate and not over powering that it would make a perfect gift for someone. 

So, this one was a bit of a hit or miss buy. As you might know I've decided to go cruelty free this year which meant investing in a new moisturiser which works for my crazy up and down skin. I decided to try Superdrug's own brand, B, and wow was I happily surprised by the results of this moisturiser gel. I decided to opt for the gel and I much prefer it over the cream, it's not as thick and doesn't 'clog' up my skin. It's definitely improved my dry skin problem and leaves it glowing and fresh. It has a delicate cucumber scent which I looove and it's usually £9.99 for 100ml at Superdrug. It's currently on offer for £4.95 though, such a bargain and cruelty free and vegan too! 

Last but not least, is this Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation. I was specifically looking for a foundation which had a low/medium coverage because I just prefer the way it looks on my skin, I'm into the dewy, light look at the minute. I accidentally picked this up, as Bourjois isn't cruelty free, but it is seriously amazing. A little goes a long way, it has a lovely delicate scent to it and it leaves my skin looking hydrated, fresh, radiant and not cakey like some other foundations do. It would be perfect for Summer or if you're going somewhere with warm or hot weather! It's currently £10.99 at Superdrug.

So here you go, these are my January favourites. Let me know what you've been loving or whether you've tried any of these products and what you thought of them, I'd love to know! 


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