Saturday, 14 January 2017

Tarte Tease Palette Thoughts

Hellooo everyone! I hope you've all had a great week, I've finally finished my exams and I am SO relieved. I feel like when you have assignments/exams you can't think about anything else, so it's been nice to just chill out and have no obligations before I go back to uni soon. 

Sooooo today I thought I'd do a chatty post and review of Tarte, specifically the Tease palette which I bought in their post-Christmas sale. 

Firstly, this is the only product that I own from Tarte, and this was my first time buying from them so my opinions are purely going off of that. Maybe In the future I'll try some of their other products but for the mean time, I'll just fill you In on what I thought... (◠‿◠✿)

So firstly, I got this in the Christmas sale, where I got free shipping (AHHHHH) and it originally cost £18 however I got it for £13.99, 

So, the price wasn't too bad really and it took a couple of weeks to come which was pretty good considering it was coming from America over the Holiday season. 

Now, when the palette came I wasn't expecting anything huge, obviously as it only has 6 shades in it, however it was a lot smaller than I was expecting. The shades are beautiful, just what I'd use for everyday colours however because there wasn't a huge amount of product, If I used this palette every day I think it would run out very quickly. 

The packaging is really beautiful though, I love that it comes with a little mirror and the outer packaging it arrived in was really safe and secure which is good because I'd have hated if it arrived broken and battered. 

Nooooow comes the disappointing bit, brace yourselves people. 


Normally, I stick to using drug store palettes. I think that brands like Freedom have a small budget, but produce really amazing, pigmented eye shadows. This is why I get so annoyed when huge brands like Tarte don't perform in the pigment department. Ultimately, I don't care how cute the packaging is if the product inside doesn't impress me. 

I know I didn't pay a huge amount for this product, due to the sale, but the eye shadow palette I originally wanted was sold out and it was more expensive, so I opted for the Tease palette instead. But because the fact that Tarte is such a well advertised brand, on Instagram, YouTube and other forms of social media  I was expecting a lot more from it. 

Which brings me on to the fact that this brand has a lot of ambassadors, and they obviously pay a lot of money for advertising and endorsements, Do you think a brand could possibly be, over endorsed? 

I mean, the pigments weren't completely terrible, but for the price and the amount of product you actually get, you would expect them to be really good. The swatches I did below were done using a lot of product on my finger, hence why they turned out the way they did. 

(Shades from left to right: BFF, First Kiss, Wink, Whisper, Crush, Heartbreaker.)

I hate feeling like I've been disappointed by a product and I'd love to give Tarte another go with a different product, maybe not eye shadow though! So Tarte, beautiful packaging, quick delivery time to the UK, and a great sale, but the pigment and quantity of the product, not so impressive. 

Have you had any disappointing experiences with brands you thought were going to be amazing? Let me know so I don't feel like I'm the only one! 



  1. I've never tried Tarte before but I have seen so many people rave about it. I only ever use my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette every single day because the quality of product is just so good, I always assumed Tarte would be the same! xxx

    1. Ooooh I don't blame you! urban Decay are amazing!! I really wanted to love this palette but it was so disappointing, maybe I'll try some of their other products in the future and hopefully they will be better! Xxx


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