Tuesday, 11 October 2016

What I'm lusting over this Autumn & my top tips for shopping for this season

Hey everyone I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! I've been craving a Lush shop recently because I'm so excited all their Christmas products have come out, yaaaay! I'm feeling so festive and it's only the beginning of October.

I absolutely adore this time of the year, I love the fashion, the festivities and just generally being all nice and cosy inside with a hot chocolate and a big blanket whilst it's chilly and frosty outside. (Okay, we haven't got to the frosty part of the year yet but you get the picture...)

I love Polyvore so much you wouldn't believe and once I get on it,  well, it's safe to say nothing can stop me from lusting over everything on there. From high end fashion to high street fashion, I love it all, so here's a little snippet of what I've been admiring recently, obviously I wish I could buy everything but some of these things are definitely way out of my budget, but that doesn't mean I can't stop wanting them! (Can we take a moment to appreciate how absolutely gorgeous these Miu Miu boots are!)

(1, £55 Warehouse UK. 2, £360 John Lewis. 3, £300 Celine. 4, £900 Miu Miu. 5, £7.49 Tanya Burr Cosmetics. 6, £45 Topshop. 7, £21 Nars Cosmetics. 8, £4.91 NYX Cosmetics. 9, £29 Zara. 10, £217 NLST. 11, £89 Topshop. 12, £2575 Fendi. 13, £675 Prada)

I feel like this time of the year is when you need to buy really important pieces of clothing which are beautiful, but durable. Because let's face it I'm sure I'm not the only one who's bought the wrong type of shoes for Winter and they've been ruined after a couple of wears... so, here's some tips to help you invest wisely for Autumn and Winter this year.

1) Invest in a really good coat! Seriously, coats can last for years and if you buy a good one not only will it keep you nice and warm from every rotten element this British weather has to offer but it will probably still be fashionable next year! I actually bought the Topshop coat featured in my lust list (^above) and honestly, it's AMAZING. So warm and definitely worth the money! *heart eyes*

2) Treat yourself to some good quality boots. These can be any style you want, ankle boots, heeled boots, thigh high boots, whatever! Just remember that sometimes cheapest isn't always the best. Try to find affordable shoes within your budget which are good quality so they're comfortable but they're not going to get ruined in the rain or sleet.

3) A bit different to fashion, but it's time to do your research and invest in a good moisturiser, British weather can be brutal and it can really take a toll on your skin, leaving it dry, flakey and just not as soft and silky as it is in the warmer months. Try to look for one which has SPF inside it because even though it can be dull most of Winter, sun damage can still ruin your skin.

4) My final tip is to just buy appropriate items of clothing. If you live in Britain the chances are the weather from now on is going to be awful. Don't buy Summer dresses when you know you'll probably never get to wear them because it will be too cold! Invest wisely and then you can look forward to updating your wardrobe for the Summer months next year! (Obviously buy whatever you'd like but make sure it gets put to good use!)

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you all have a lovely week! X


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  1. Love this wish list...everything looks so cozy and pretty.



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