Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Super Simple Mocktail Recipe 

Helloo everyone! I feel like I'm having a super productive day today (even though admittedly I haven't actually done a lot!) Sometimes It's nice to do your hair/make up, go for a walk and just do something rather than stay in your PJ's all day...

Recently I've really wanted to get a nice bar cart but the only problem is I actually hardly ever drink! So, I love mocktails and I wanted to try something super simple but still nice and fancy for those days when I want to make an effort. I'm not very good with trying new things but I feel like this is a start! 

So for this recipe, if you don't like elderflower then this probably won't be your thing unfortunately.

Thing's you will need:

*  Elderflower cordial or fizzy elderflower presse 

* Soda water (only if you're using cordial, it adds the fizz!)

* Apple juice

* Lime

* Mint

Get a glass, pour in the elderflower presse/cordial, followed by the apple juice, then add the soda water (if needed!). 

Add some lime juice and mint and mix it a bit.

Finish it off with a slice of lime on the glass to make it look a little bit special.

How much of each product you want to add is completely up to you and varies on the size of the glass you use. I personally like stronger drinks so I add a bit more elderflower and apple juice and less lime and mint, but it's up to you!

See, super simple and super yummy! Do you have any mocktail recipe's which you love?! 


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