Monday, 1 August 2016

My new miracle

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been so MIA recently, obviously blogging comes second to everything else I have to do no matter how much I love it. I hope you're all having a great week, I've spent some time in Leeds with my boyfriend which was super nice.  I feel like my Summer holidays are dragging along so slowly, I can't wait to get back to Uni, also, who else has been obsessed with Pokemon Go?! Thank you Niantic for bringing this app into my life! 

So I've been having a massive problem with my skin recently, however hard I exfoliate, moisturise  and whatever else, I can't seem to get rid of the dry skin on and around my nose. It's horrible because for years I've struggled with my skin and I'm finally at a place where I'd be happy to go out without any make up on at all! But this has been bothering me because when I apply make up, especially foundation, it just looks cakey and flakey.

So, the thought of smothering oil onto my skin horrifies me. No exaggeration. I've had oily skin all my life and it's not nice, trust me. So when my mum came home with this Clarins cleansing gel with oil in it I was so dubious about trying it but, I trust Clarins so I gave it a go and I have never seen or used a product quite like it, the results are instant!

So when you squeeze it out it's quite obviously a gel, but when you start rubbing it into your face it turns into a really oily texture. It's honestly the weirdest feeling because it's like rubbing grease all over your face (nice smelling grease though!) I'm usually quite frugal when using products which are a bit pricey but with this, it's best to be generous!

I've used this on my face for four days now and I can honestly say I'm so shocked at the results. My skin is literally glowing and the dry/crusty look has almost gone completely. If you like instant results then I'd definitely recommend this product!

It's a little pricey at £21 for 125ml  (From Clarins website) however, It's definitely worth it so if you're like me and suffer with combination/dry skin, give it a try!

(With the oil on my face, super happy with the results!)

Let me know if you have any face products which have worked miracles for you! 


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  1. This post is such a miracle XD keep up with your amazing posts xx can't wait to read more posts soon XP and can't wait to see you over my blog YAY!!!


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