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Hi everyone! I've finally finished uni for the summer which is amazing, but it feels so weird not having anything to do compared to how busy I've been in the last few months!

One of my biggest insecurities I've faced throughout my teenage years is the problems I've had with my skin, It's surprising how much of an effect it actually has on you. So growing up I've always suffered with terrible, oily, spotty skin - not necessarily acne but it was close enough. I've tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. I remember once I was so upset I even tried rubbing Dettol all over my face (10/10 wouldn't recommend). I eventually got so sad about how rubbish my skin was and how nothing was working I went to the doctors, however the pill they gave me really didn't agree with my body so I had to stop taking it.

It's only now, at 21 years old I finally understand where I was going wrong and how I could have achieved the clear skin I have today so many years ago! But hey, life is a learning process, right?! I'm going to share my top tips on how to better your skin, but if you do suffer with severe acne I would totally recommend going to your local doctor as they'll be able to help you more than I can.

This is essential I promise you! For so many years I was taking my make up off with the cheapest make up remover wipes I could find, In my opinion, make up wipes should only be used in extreme situations, I'm talking camping, festivals and maybe if you're staying overnight at someone's house you've never been to before. The only good thing about make up wipes is their convenience, other than that they can severely dry your skin out and actually push make up further into your pores than remove it completely - which causes more spots! Even if you don't wear make up It's important you clean your skin to remove any dirt so I'd still recommend cleaning your face every morning and night! 

I promise you, ditch the wipes and invest in a good cleanser and you will notice a difference in your skin immediately. My favourite is Liz Earle cleanse & polish at £15.50. I wear make up almost everyday and this lasts me about 3 and a bit months, so really its amazing value.

In order to get good clear skin you need to make sure all your pores are clean. Exfoliating once a week helps remove all the dead skin and gives your pores the deep clean they need. I say once a week because if you do it too much you can end up damaging your skin and leave it feeling dry and sore. Exfoliating also helps shrink your pore size so if you're like me and have huge pores on your nose this is a great thing to add into your skin care regime! 

My favourite exfoliator at the minute is the Gentle face exfoliator by Liz Earle, they have a variety of sizes ranging from £6.25 to £15.75.

This goes without saying really, It's important that whatever your putting on your face is clean (if that makes sense?!) Make up brushes can harbour all sorts of dirt and bacteria and every time you use them that dirt is going back into your pores, not a nice image. I really hate cleaning my make up brushes I won't lie, but it's something which I now do every few weeks and not only have I noticed my skin improving slightly from this, but my make up looks much better too! 

The way I like to clean my brushes is to use mildly warm water and hair conditioner, just rub the conditioner in and gently rinse until the brush is clean, easy peasy. 

This one is a hard one, I know the temptation is all too much when there's a huge, garish spot just waiting to be squeezed on your face but seriously, leave it alone. The chances are the next day it will be gone and if you pick it you could make it worse and even leave behind scarring. 

If you notice that you have a huge red spot the night before you're going somewhere special, get a cotton bud and just dab some Sudocrem on the spot and around the area and the chances are it will disappear the next day. Sudocrem is a miracle worker for spots, I know It's weird putting nappy rash cream on your face but trust me, It's worked miracles for me! 

This one took me a long time to get used to and even now I struggle to keep myself hydrated. Water is super important for your skin and you should be drinking 2 litres every day! The thing which I love about this is that as soon as you start drinking more water, you end up with literally glowing, radiant skin almost straight away. If you're like me and really hate water or just forget to drink sometimes, invest in a cute drinking bottle and add some chopped up lemons and limes to it, this makes it a little bit sweeter and definitely encourages me to drink more. 

What you eat and drink is incredibly important when it comes to your skin, this may be an obvious one but it's more than often overlooked. If you have the perfect skin care routine but are still suffering with your skin then maybe it's time to look at your diet. Try cutting out dairy products or using less of them because things like milk, even organic milk, contains cow hormones that can actually cause spots by stimulating oil glands and pores. 

You should also observe how much sugar you're indulging in, the occasional sugary treat is absolutely fine but if you're constantly eating sweets, drinking sugary drinks then this could be a direct link to your spots. There's a tonne of medical research online so if you want to look more into this then there's plenty to read but I won't go too far into this today.

There's a million and one other things which people like to do in order to improve their skin, these are just a few tips which I feel are very important and often overlooked! Find what works for you and stick to it, I hope this helps! 

What skin care techniques work for you? X

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