Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Hello everyone, the sun is out and I'm seriously hoping that it stays like this for a few days at least but knowing English weather it will probably be pouring down with rain tomorrow. 

It's been a weird week as all of my friends are going home for the Summer and It's getting a bit lonely in my accommodation, I wont lie though, it has been super nice having some quiet time though. My boyfriend has finished his exams so were getting to spend more time together and do all the things we enjoy doing together which has been super nice. 

I feel like I'm always unprepared when it comes to sunglasses, I always struggle to choose which ones suit me properly and always struggle to choose which design I like the best. I've put together some inspiration for helping you to find the right sunglasses to suit your face shape, it's always so convenient to know especially when shopping online so you get the right pair!

Heart Shape Face

Heart shape faces tend to be wider at the brow area and get narrow towards the chin, normally people who have heart shape faces have amazing cheekbones because of this face structure! You should go for a retro square, cat eye or sport style of sunglasses. 

Top to bottom :

Super Square Dj Hipster Block Sunglasses 8592 : PopMap £8.83

Miu Miu Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses : Forward by Elyse Walker £355

Electric Eyewear Txoko (Granite Brown/Melanin Bronze) Sport Sunglasses : 6PM £120

Round Face Shape

Round shape faces tend to be wider at the cheek areas and get slightly narrow towards the forehead and chin zones. You should go for retro square, square or cat eye shaped sunglasses. 

Top to Bottom: 

Boohoo Zoe Square Oversized Ombre Frame Aviator : Boohoo £6.79

Ray-Ban RB2140 Iconic Wayfarer Oval Sunglasses : John Lewis £170

Vintage Vibes Cat-Eye Sunglasses Brown : Go Jane £4.09

Oval Face Shape

Oval shaped faces tend to be much longer than wider, usually you can pull of any type of square shaped glasses or aviators but try to keep them in proportion to the size of your face,

Top to Bottom:

Valentino Rockstud Aviator Sunglasses : Very Exclusive £235

Le Specs Weekend Riot Sunglasses : Shop Bop £41

Large Retro Modern Square Block Flat Top Aviator Sunglasses 9300 : Pop Map £8.76

Square Face Shape 

People who have square shaped faces usually have wider cheekbones, a wider forehead area and have a strong jawline. You should go for shapes which are round, aviator or even a shield style. You could even go for a rimless frame or less chunky frames to help soften out your features if that's what you're going for!

Top to Bottom: 

Ivanka Trump 067-61 (Gold) Fashion Sunglasses : 6PM £16

Michael Kors Rimless Sunlasses, 55mm : Bloomingdales £106

Victoria Beckham Women's Classic Victoria Petit Sunglasses : Barneys £290


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