Thursday, 12 May 2016

Hello everyone! I feel like today I've been having a super lazy, time wasting day, mainly because I get two of my results back from uni tomorrow and it feels like, Christmas eve but a lot less exciting... But anyway, as I sit here crippled with anxiety I can't stop obsessing over all the gorgeous shoes available for Spring/Summer 2016 - Honestly, I love Winter clothes because I love chunky boots, tights and coats but I won't lie, I am a sucker for a nice pair of Summery shoes. 

This season I've noticed a lot of wedges/espadrilles, trainers and tie up shoes so these are going to be my focus for today and I feel really happy that wedges have made a come back because they are literally the comfiest shoes ever. I used to struggle to walk/wear high heels because I'm just super clumsy, and my mum always told me that I should try 'chunkier' heels to start with, wedges being within this selection and yep, I can confirm they're super comfy and make your legs look amazing without the pain of stilettos! 

I've put together a little selection of some of the shoes which I'm lusting over for these warmer seasons! What are your favourite brands to buy shoes from?! 

Top Row (left to right): Shoe Bop £480, Matches Fashion £680, Topshop £46, Asos £21

Middle Row (left to right): Italist £170, My Theresa  £68, Selfridges £70, Harvey Nichols £85

Bottom Row (left to right): Relove £49, Net A Porter £135, Gold Getter £45, Topshop £52

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