Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My top beauty picks for this week! 

Hello everyone! 

So today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products which i've come across in the past month and have now become officially obsessed with!

Starting with the AMAZING Benefit Roller Lash mascara! OMG I can't stress enough how much I love this product! Everytime Benefit release a new mascara its like a new wave of magic has been unleashed. Everything down to the packaging and design to the results of this product are seriously amazing. 
If you have shorter lashes then it really emphasises them and not only thickens them, but makes them look so long! And if like myself your eyelashes are already quite long this mascara adds the perfect curl at the end whilst adding that nice full, thick effect without making them look like clumpy spiders legs.

This is actually the sample size and design for this product but at £19.50 I'm definitely going to be investing in the full size of this! 

So this next product is something which I now carry around with me everywhere I go, Burt's Bees lip balm in the flavour Wild Cherry

I seem to get through a lot of lip care products but this one has by far been my favourite of them all! Not only does it last a really long time without drying out, but it also adds a really nice moisturised and hydrated layer to your lips without making them greasy. I suffer quite badly with chapped lips and this is seriously working miracles for me and for £3.69 you can't go wrong! 

Next up is the amazing lip liner by Mac Cosmetics in the shade Boldly Bare. For £12.50 it's one of the more pricier lip pencils, but the quality is incredible and definitely worth the investment! 

I actually bought this shade after reading it was a favourite of Kylie Jenner's, and I have fallen in love with it straight away. It gives the perfect nude lining and paired with a nude/taupe lipstick it gives the perfect impression of emphasised full lips with a great shape! It doesn't dry your lips at all or smudge which is excellent and once it's on, it stays on! One of the main things I love about Mac lip liners and lipsticks is that even after eating/drinking/WHATEVER they just last such a long time before needing to be topped up! 

This is actually something which i've loved for such a long time and that's Benefit High Beam face highlighter. This is actually a great price for £19.50 as it lasts such a long time and produces such a gorgeous result i'm sure once you try it you'll fall in love too! 

It just adds that hydrated, dewy glow to your cheekbones and under your brow which is great because sometimes if you're using all matte make up it can look a little dried out. It's super easy to apply and I can't stress enough how much product you get in the bottle - it's amazing! 

Finally is this absolutely incredible product I picked up and fell in love with straight away!

To be honest I ran out of my Chanel eyeliner and picked this one up at Boots for £5.99 but once I used it I couldn't believe the results! It has a really rigid brush which is quite thin, but that's a good thing as it allows you to build up the liquid eyeliner to however thick you need it. 

I actually prefer the pen-like liquid eyeliners as I find they are a lot easier to apply, this is purely because I am quite clumsy and messy (oops!). I've seen a lot of reviews about this product not lasting that well but I haven't found that at all, in fact I can do a 7 hour shift at work and still have great liquid eye liner at the end of it! But for the price I can't get over how amazing this product really is! 


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