Monday, 16 October 2017

Influenster VoxBox // Rimmel Shades of Black

Hi lovely people! I hope you've all had an amazing weekend. I actually had quite a chill one which involved minimal uni work and lots of relaxing...

Today I wanted to go through my first ever Influenster VoxBox with you guys, i'll tell you a little bit about the app, how I got selected and what products I received. The theme of this VoxBox is Halloween, inspired by Rita Ora's new 'Shades of Black' collection. 

First up are these gorgeous lip glosses called 'Oh My Gloss', personally i'm not a huge lover of lip gloss as I feel that sometimes they are quick to rub off and my long hair usually ends up stuck in it. However, these ones are so pigmented and although they're lightweight, they do have a slightly 'thick' texture to them which helps keep them in place. I love that the applicator is quite small too as you can get quite precise!

Now I was slightly upset when I received my VoxBox as one of the nail varnishes had smashed all over and I ended up having to get rid of it. It was a beautiful deep red shade too. But, the matte black and deep purple were still in tact and I love them. I always find Rimmel nail varnishes to be super durable and pigmented, a little goes a long way! I love these shades not just for Halloween, but also for Autumn and Winter. 

Available Here -  Purple £2.99
                            Black £2.99

I am completely obsessed with the Rimmel Wonderfully Real mascara and I actually think it performs just as well as my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. It's super durable, it lasts all day and it really lengthens and thickens up your lashes without them looking too clumpy. I would say though that you don't need to layer this product as you do get the spider leg effect when you put too much on, although that arguable is good for Halloween!

I was actually so impressed with all of these products - i'm not completely sure what I expected but everything was so pigmented and good quality. If you don't know what Influenster is, it's basically an app where you can review products and every so often they look for people to review products. The products come in a box called a VoxBox and basically you have to fill in a survey to be in for a chance to 'win' one. If you review products often, or have a wide reach (a decent amount of followers) you're more likely to get a VoxBox survey. 

I hope you found this post slightly interesting, or discovered some potential new products for Halloween! Have you decided what you're going to dress up as yet?! I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week! 

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Lush Haul // Halloween Edition

Hiya everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. I've just been catching up on blog stuff, watching movies and doing some uni work. I'm super excited because next week is mine and Martins two year anniversary! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.

Sooo i'm kicking off the Halloween posts with a little Lush haul of all their spooky, Halloween products! I didn't pick everything, just the ones which stood out to me the most. I know some people think Lush is super over priced, but if you think, you can get loads of uses out of the bubble bars, they smell amazing and are great cruelty free treats. Plus, as a company I love how open they are about their use of ingredients, how the products are made and what the factory is like.

First up, I got this amazing bubble bar called 'Bewitched'. It's in the shape of a cat and it's so perfect for Halloween I just couldn't resist. I love the smell of it, it's quite a woody scent the only thing which puts me off about this is the colour, i'm quite anxious to use it as i'm not sure whether it will stain the bath or not, i'll keep you updated!

I then picked up the Lord of Misrule bath bomb, they'd run out of the shower gel and I was so gutted because i'm obsessed with this scent, I wish they had it all year round. I personally think this smells and looks like mulled wine and it's just so rich and relaxing, i'm obsessed. The shower gel of this is also amazing for relaxing your muscles as it has that 'warm' feeling to it.

How cute is this Monsters' Ball bath bomb! I'm obsessed, I literally couldn't resist this and I think i'm going to be so sad when this is used because, well, look at it! I love the smell of this bath bomb, it reminds me of those pink and blue fizzy bottle sweets. This is such a huge bath bomb and i'm so excited to finally get to use this as it's one which I didn't try last year. 

Monsters' Ball - Lush £4.50

Next up to go in my basket was this super cute pumpkin bath bomb. I love how simple, yet so appropriate this one is. I did actually try this one last year and the only thing I wasn't so keen on was the colour which it turned the bath, it kind of looked like i'd just done a big wee in it.... But anyway, it's super cute and I love the subtle hints of cinnamon you get in it. 

Last, but by no means least, is this super adorable little pink glittery pumpkin. I won't lie, I was quite disappointed I couldn't get my hands on the orange one, but this one is a nice addition none-the-less. I did have an orange one last year and they're so good because you can quarter it, and get four uses out of this. The scent of this isn't my favourite, it's quite floral but it is quite subtle so I think after splitting it up, it will be perfect.

Pink Pumpkin - Lush £4.25

I honestly love Lush so much and everything they stand for. I especially love this time of year, and all the other holiday seasons to be honest, as they just get so creative with the scents they use and the products they produce. I love their use of natural ingredients and i'm yet to discover a Lush product I don't like. They can get quite pricey if you buy them regularly, however I think they're perfect as a treat every once in a while. 

I hope you enjoyed my first Halloween-themed post, let me know which of these products you like the look of the most! Have an amazing rest of the weekend lovelies! 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Winter Skin Care Essentials

Heyyyy gorgeous people, I must publicly apologise for my absence this week.. I usually post three times a week as you might know, however this week there will be a post going up this weekend rather than just in the weekdays, so there will still be another post this week don't worry!

I'm going to spend this weekend doing lots of blog related things like writing and taking photos, it's just been so hectic at uni, I definitely underestimated third year! Anyway, enough of my rambling, today i'm going to talk about my Winter skin care essentials. This isn't going to be so much of a brand review, it's just an overview of the products I use the most and what saves my skin during the Winter months. 

First up, I absolutely love a good face mask all year round, however I feel like during the Winter months my skin just needs a bit more care and attention so I find myself using masks a lot more. This one from Lush is amazing as it acts as an exfoliator too, and you can use it all over your body which is a bonus! I usually do a mask at least once a week!

The next product i'd definitely recommend is a good facial scrub. I tend to get very dry skin during Winter, especially around my nose and chin so exfoliating regularly just gets rid of all the dead, dry skin and keeps me looking healthy and hydrated. I love this one by Botanics as it's super strong and has immediate results.  

Moisturiser is an absolute essential during the cold seasons, I always find that the cold and the wind really dry my skin out, so lathering myself in moisturiser just keeps my skin looking fresh and hydrated. I also find that using a moisturiser helps to make your makeup look flawless as it doesn't have that dry, flakey look to it. I personally adore this one by Botanics as it absorbs super quickly, doesn't leave me red or patchy and doesn't have an overpowering scent. 

Now, this is a relatively new product to me but honestly, I've used it once and i'm already SO excited to use it again. It's by Botanics and it's a face mask, but more of an exfoliating one. It's like a sand texture and the results are immediate which I love. It just made my skin super soft, fresh and it looked so much brighter once i'd used it. I wouldn't necessarily say this is a Winter essential as I know this is something i'll be loving all-year round. 

Of course how could I leave out my beloved toning spritz by Botanics. I love this product as I just feel that it hydrates my skin so well and helps to get rid of any left over dirt and pollution on your skin. I love using this as part of my morning and night skincare routine.

I think it's super important to keep your whole body super nourished and hydrated throughout Winter, so investing in a nice body lotion will keep your skin feeling soft and healthy. I love this one by Lush as it has a gorgeous Lavender scent to it, it absorbs really quickly and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. I don't use this for my face though as it is quite heavily fragranced!

One thing in the last photo which I haven't mentioned is my new brightening eye roll-on. I'm not sure yet as to what the effects are buuut I absolutely love the way it feels, it definitely makes my under eyes feel very refreshed. I know I do a lot of skin care posts but i'm just in such a good place with my skin I love sharing what works for me in case anyone else is struggling. 

I always find that my skin needs a little more TLC during the colder months, due to the fact that my face is exposed to harsh winds and differing temperatures. Most of these products are one's which I use daily, apart from the face masks which I tend to use a couple of times a week.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, let me know what your Winter skin care saviours are!