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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

L'oreal Paris // Infallible Shaping Foundation Stick 100 Ivory Review

Hello! I thought today i'd share my review on the new L'oreal Infallible shaping stick, specifically their foundation one in the lightest shade I could get, 100 Ivory. 

First things first, the shade range for these foundations is so poor, I know they're a popular high street brand but if i'd have known how noninclusive they were, I wouldn't have purchased this product. I just think in this day and age it's not hard to create a range of shades that everyone can use. But anyway, I picked this up after seeing so many adverts about it, it cost £8.99 from Superdrug

Overall,  this foundation just did not work for me at all. If you have really oily skin, and you're looking for a buildable, medium coverage matte foundation then this would be perfect, but for any other skin types there's so many better options out there to try. It's really matte, and on my skin it did look a little cakey which I really don't like at all. 

The coverage is definitely low to medium, I personally prefer a heavier coverage because I have a lot of freckles and blemishes to cover, and even after applying a few layers of this it just wasn't working for me coverage-wise. The longevity of this product is average, it's okay for a few hours but after that it does start to slip away. Whenever I was taking my makeup off at the end of the day after wearing this, I was always surprised at how much of the product had come off throughout the day. 

The good thing about this foundation is that it is super blendable and it's not sticky like some foundations are. It does reduce shine but then, so do most matte foundations so I don't think that you should buy this product just for that.

I was really disappointed that this was advertised as medium to full coverage, as it's really not. I think that this would be great in a darker colour to contour with, but I don't think its works for foundations and concealers, unless you are after a low-medium coverage and your skin type is on the oily side. 

Overall, I was really unhappy with this product. I'm surprised to see on some reviews they've mentioned about how you could carry this around easily and I agree to some extent, but you would need it in a makeup bag as the lid does pop off easily.

I think this foundation would be great for holidays when you want a tiny bit of low coverage foundation, or if you have oily skin and you're looking for a low to medium coverage, matte foundation, otherwise, I'd give this one a miss. 


Thursday, 15 February 2018

Current Beauty Go-To Products

Hello everyone! I thought for today's post i'd go through some of the beauty bits in my collection that are my current go-to products, and by that I mean that these are the products I reach for the most, regardless of whether i'm doing an everyday look or a full glam look.


I have honestly loved this product from the moment I first tried it, this is definitely a new holy grail in my collection as it just works so well for my skin. It's a full coverage foundation with a satin finish, which is fabulous as it doesn't leave you all cakey. Another thing I love about this foundation is how affordable it is, I picked this up here from Beauty Bay for £11.00 and I've got so much use out of it, a little really goes a long way so for the price, it's so worth it. 


I can't rave about the ABH eyeshadow palettes enough, I absolutely love my Modern Renaissance Palette aaaand my Subculture palette. But anyway, I absolutely love the variety of shades within this palette and i've been creating some really lovely everyday looks with it. I definitely think this was a good investment as I really do get so much use out of it, and a little goes a long way so you don't need to use too much product. Even though this is initially a big spend, I couldn't recommend it more. It's currently £43.00 at all retailers, you can get free shipping with Beauty Bay though if you fancy picking it up, i'll leave a link here


When I first wore this mascara I was a bit overwhelmed at how thick it was. I have quite naturally long and thick lashes, so using this on its own does give a clumpy look which I don't like. However, I have found a way to make this work for me and i'm obsessed. I use this first, as I do love the formula as it's so pigmented and long lasting, and afterwards I go through my lashes with my nearly empty Too Faced better than sex mascara, as the wand on that is beautiful. I think the formula of this mascara is amazing, I just wish the wand was shaped a little differently so I didn't have to go over my lashes twice. Although, for £7.99 (available here), I don't think you can go wrong!


Before I bought this i'd heard so many good things about this concealer, but nothing could prepare me for how good is really is. I've never used a concealer like this, it's incredibly thick and full coverage and at first I was a bit concerned that once blended, it would look very cakey. I was wrong, it leaves your skin with this flawless finish, and covers all my blemishes and dark under-eye bags, it's a miracle! This costs $6.00 and I can't recommend it enough, it has a really nice sized applicator and the formula is just incredible. I really hope they bring out a foundation soon! 


I picked this up as i'd heard a lot of good things about it, and I personally love this style of liquid liner with the pen-like tip, as I feel I get the best results from it. I love this liquid liner so much, the tip is so thin and precise so it's really easy to use, and easy to build up if you want a thicker line. It's so pigmented and once it's on, it doesn't smudge like some liquid liners do. It's a bit pricey at £14.50, but it's definitely worth the money. I've been using this everyday and the tip hasn't changed since I bought it so it's really sturdy!


I honestly can't wait to do another ColourPop order, my eyes have been well and truly opened to their amazing products. I picked up this highlighter, not thinking too much of it, but I love it. It's so buttery and creamy and what I love most about the formula is that it blends so well, so you can have a really subtle glow, or you can build it up to a really intense look, without it getting chalky or cakey. I also think this colour suits my skin tone so well, it's a light shade with a hint of champagne in it, and it's just so pretty. It's $8.00, but definitely worth it for the results, and the amount of product you get.

I really do love trying new products, but I definitely have my favourites which I always end up going back to. And I really love discovering new products which turn out to be better than I anticipated, it's such a good feeling. 

Let me know if you like the look of any of these, what are your current go-to beauty products?!

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