Friday, 22 September 2017

My Top 3 // Holy Grail Face Masks

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had an amazing Friday, I'm just in the middle of getting ready to go out (yes, i'm super late writing this post!) I had my first welcome back lecture at uni today and honestly, I'm so excited for my third and final year!

Today i'm going to go through my top 3 holy grail/go-to face masks. They all work miracles on my skin and definitely do the job, they're also all quite different and unique which is why they're all equally my favourite!

B. Revealed Glycolic Cleansing Peel

Honestly I love this so much, it was £7.99 from Superdrug and it works wonders on my skin. It's a really creamy texture and you leave it on for 3 minutes. I find that this leaves me skin feeling super nourished and soft, it also really helps to combat and soothe dry skin.

 Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnanimity

I really love the texture of this face mask. I tend to only use this once a week because it's definitely quite 'harsh' and when you're washing it off, it acts as an exfoliator. I love the scent of this and I also love that 'tight' feeling this face mask leaves you with. It's extremely cleansing and leaves your skin feeling so fresh.

 Boots Sheet Mask

This was one of my best spontaneous Boots buys ever. Basically I just picked it up because my skin was so dry and lacking life and I wanted a cheap face masks. I can't get enough of this because it leaves my skin feeling SO hydrated and nourished. I couldn't recommend this enough, even if you have oily skin this will leave your skin feeling so revitalised.

I hope you enjoyed this little post, I'm super excited as i'll be getting my new camera and lighting soon so it will be so much easier to take photos! (My room is so, so dark and my focus on my camera is awful!)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, please let me know what your favourite go-to face masks are! 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Morning Skincare // Favourites

Hello lovely people, I hope you're all having a wonderful day so far. I'm in the process of planning my final year project, which is kind of a dissertation but with a practical element to it. It's going to be a year of lots of hard work but i'm so excited to get stuck in and try really hard. Also, to all of you who've just started university, good luck & congratulations to you all, you'll be amazing.

Today's post is going to be all about my morning skincare routine, and what I do pre-makeup. I do post a lot about skin care and my routines, but I do keep finding new things which are working for me and finding new steps to add which I want to share with you all. 
First up, you guys know I am absolutely loving the Botanics organic range. This toning spritz is something i've been using every morning for the past few weeks. I just find this so soothing and refreshing, especially if i'm going to be applying a full face of makeup. 

I really love the B. Clean range from Superdrug. It's all fragrance and alcohol free and this particular cleanser is the perfect Liz Earle dupe. I just love this in the morning as it melts away all the sleep and dirt from your face and leaves you super refreshed. 
I used to only exfoliate once a week, but I do find myself doing this daily now as I just feel like it leaves my face with a perfect, fresh base and my makeup always applies and looks so much better. I love this one by B. Cosmetics as it's really gentle and not too 'harsh' for the morning.
I don't really use moisturiser every morning, I tend to only use this if i'm going for a super 'light' and dewy make up look. My skin just doesn't get on with primer and moisturiser together so it has to be one or the other. If I do use it though, I do find myself always reaching for the B Cosmetics moisturiser. It has a really refreshing scent and it just sinks into your skin instantly. 
I actually got sent this Sun Kissed serum and at first, I was quite dubious about trying it. I've heard amazing things about Vitamin C but I just don't use serums that often on my face. Honestly, I was so impressed with this formula. I personally find it too 'thick' to use at night but it is the most incredible primer, I kid you not. It just has this 'sticky' texture and my makeup always looks incredible when I use this. It's perfect for when I want a 'heavy', full-face look. 
Now this Botanics primer is perfect for just normal, natural everyday makeup. It leaves my skin feeling super fresh and glowing and my makeup always lasts a really long time and still looks amazing when I use this product. A little goes a long way but I really love that this isn't heavily scented or 'thick' to use. 

Step-by-step Morning Skincare
1. Melting gel cleanser
2. Exfoliator
3. Toning Spritz
4. Primer/Moisturiser (Skin Kissed for a heavy look, Botanics for everyday and Moisturiser for a low coverage dewy look)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I've definitely found that by having a specific morning skincare routine it not only makes my skin look and feel better, but my makeup applies easier and looks so much better.

Let me know if you have any particular products you love using in the morning! I hope you have an amazing rest of the week.

Monday, 18 September 2017

AW17 Fashion Inspiration // Life Update

Hello everyone, I know this post is going up a bit late, but I've had an absolute nightmare of a day today.

I've said before, September is an odd month content-wise for me, this is mainly because I'm on a super tight budget waiting for my student finance to come in, and I haven't really got any new products or new exciting things to talk to you guys about. I'm desperate to get some new blog props/lighting to improve my photos but it won't be until end of September until I get them.

Anyway, I know you probably don't even mind at all but I like to keep you in the loop. But yeah, today was particularly disastrous. For those of you who don't know, I study Games Computing, which is mostly computer science with a little bit of game design/games programming thrown in there. Now, this course is heavily reliant on a computer, obviously, so today my computer decided to give up. The day before uni starts. My third year, the most important year of my degree. 

I like to think i'm not a dramatic person, but I think today was definitely an exception, because then I tired to use my laptop, which also broke. NIGHTMARE. Anyway, to cut a long, boring story short, 8 hours later I managed to fix my PC. But my blog plans for today sort of got thrown out of the window, so I thought i'd put together a little wish list/fashion inspo post of things which I'm looking forward to wearing this Autumn/Winter.

Untitled #39

These are mostly all high-end, luxury products and things which I definitely won't be able to afford this year! (Minus the Topshop skirt!) But i'm definitely obsessed with all these colours, textures and styles. I particularly love the embellished boots, and the burgundy, suede handbag.

I think this year might finally be the year I invest in a big, fluffy, faux fur coat too. I've always wanted one but I can never settle on one which I love. Obviously it won't be Miu Miu, but i'd definitely like to get a more affordable one.

I'm loving velvet, suede, and knitted textures for this AW. I'm also loving such a wide mixture of colours, from blacks to pastel pinks and dark burgundy. I definitely need a huge injection of life into my wardrobe as it desperately needs updating.

Rejina Pyo cashmere pullover sweater
£460 -

Être Cécile slim fit long sleeve shirt

Miu Miu oversized collar coat

Topshop blue denim mini skirt

Senso studded ankle boots
£180 -

STELLA McCARTNEY chain strap shoulder bag
£715 -

I hope you guys didn't find this post too rambly, I felt like I needed a little 'rant' about my day, haha! I'll be back on it with the normal posts from now on.

Let me know if there's any particular styles or items you're looking forward to wearing this Autumn and Winter! I hope you've all had a fabulous day.