Monday, 20 November 2017

Current Skincare Favourites // November 2017

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely Monday, I've been super busy today so I'm excited for a bubble bath and early night. (Yes, you don't need to remind me how much of a party animal I am...)

I'm gearing up for the Black Friday sales and skincare is definitely on my list of things to look out for, you guys know that once I love something I tend to stick to it and i'm a bit scared to try anything else, mainly because I have quite temperamental skin and used to suffer with severe acne. 

But anyway, even though I don't own a tonne of skincare products, I thought i'd share with you what i've been loving and reaching for most, seeing as it's the start of Winter and if you're like me, it's the time of year where my skin needs a little more TLC. 


Nothing beats the feeling of hydrated skin, especially at this time of the year, I often feel that the cold winds just seem to suck all of the life and glow out of my skin. I hype this product up a lot, but I honestly love toning sprays. I love how refreshing it is and leaves my skin hydrated, and I love that it's in a spray bottle so you don't have to be rubbing at your face. 


This is a new and fairly recent purchase which i've been trying out for the past couple of weeks. I'm obsessed with double cleansing as I feel like it just gets rid of all the excess makeup and dirt on your face, so I picked this up to try. At first I wasn't too sure as it seemed quite 'strong' on my face, although afterwards my skin looked and felt absolutely amazing. I don't use this everyday, I tend to use it twice a week, or if i've been wearing a particularly full face of makeup that day. I do find the smell quite overpowering which I'm not keen on, but the product itself leaves my face super fresh and clean so all is forgiven. 

(I couldn't link as I can't find this online anywhere, but try your local Superdrug if you're keen to try it!)

This product is honestly amazing, it's super affordable and it leaves your body feeling so nourished and hydrated. I am generally quite bad when it comes to using body lotions and body moisturisers as I hate that clammy, sticky feeling. This lotion is amazing though as it soaks into your skin almost immediately, and the results are instant. I love the coconut scent to this, but don't find it too overpowering and overall I just love how this instantly improves the condition of my skin and leaves me with a gorgeous glow.


A good moisturiser is essential at this time of the year, I love this one by Botanics for the daytime as it just leaves my face so hydrated and nourished. I sometimes get quite sore, dry patches especially around my nose and chin, however when I use this the patches go so quickly, I also find that this soothes my skin really nicely. I love that this isn't heavily scented, and it just leaves your skin looking so healthy and feeling super soft. 


I received this quite a while ago, this is a travel sized product although has a very reasonable amount of product in it. When I was moving house I rediscovered this gem and have been really enjoying using it. I use this as a second cleanser and just find it so gentle and it leaves my skin really soft and glowing. It's enriched with Marula oil and I certainly think this helps contribute to the glowing, radiant look this leaves you with.


 I really love this product, although I use this once a week in my routine as it does have a rougher texture to it, I always find that it leaves my skin feeling so soft, clean and instantly more radiant. The particles really buff away all the excess dead skin and dirt, especially from harder areas like your nose and the results are instant with this product. 

I hope you enjoyed this little update on what skincare bits i've been loving recently. I couldn't recommend the B brand by Superdrug and Botanics any more, I think they produce some incredible skin care products at such an affordable price. If you're thinking of getting some sort of little presents or stocking fillers, those brands are definitely worth looking into! 

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week, let me know what skin care products you've been loving recently!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Current Everyday Makeup Favourites // November 2017

Hiya everyone! I hope you're all having a fabulous Friday! I'm so jealous as my boyfriend, Martin, is going to Hong Kong today and I really wanted to go with him but unfortunately third year uni work is consuming me at the minute. 

I have a couple of new additions in my makeup collection which i've been loving, so I thought i'd do a little updated everyday makeup favourites post. 


I've spoken about this gorgeous highlighter so much already this year on my blog, but i'm absolutely obsessed with it. I think it's perfect for this time of year to get that bronze, glowy look. I have quite pale skin, so at first I was a bit apprehensive about how dark this would look on my skin, but it's so perfect and really easy to build up. I'll leave my updated first impressions on this here just in case you want to read more about it!


It wouldn't be Autumnal if I didn't have a gorgeous berry lipstick! This one from Topshop is really well formulated and lasts ages on my lips. I love the red undertone to it and just feel like it's the perfect shade both for daytime looks and evening looks. I couldn't be without a berry lipstick this time of the year!

£8.00 Topshop (Undercover)  (Not linked as I couldn't find it on their UK site!)

I picked this up from Superdrug as I have finally run out of my Makeup Forever foundation (thank goodness!) so before I decide on which high end foundation I want to try next I thought i'd give this one a go as i've heard a lot of positive things about it. I really do love this foundation and so far, it's performed really well. I use a primer and it lasts all day without slipping off my face and it provides an amazing coverage. Although I think I did get a shade too dark for me, it's not too bad. Overall, I'm really happy with this and think it's perfect for the price.


I won't talk too much about this as I have a full review on this gorgeous palette here, but I reach for this palette all the time and i'm obsessed with how versatile it is. I am particularly fond of creating more daytime looks with this palette and I just love how pigmented the colours are and they last all day without smudging around your eyelid. 


I picked this up as I was after a quite versatile palette for travelling, and this one is absolutely perfect. I picked this one up in what I believe is the lightest one they do but I absolutely love it and think it's perfect for my skin tone. I love how it has a mixture of contour shades, a highlighter, and also bronzer shade. I find this perfect for travelling and I use it everyday, the yellow shade is perfect for brightening up areas on your face! For the price you get so much and the longevity of all the powders within this is amazing! If you're after a palette for all your contour needs, I couldn't recommend this one more.

So those are my current favourite everyday makeup products, I think if I had to choose my absolute favourite product it would be the Topshop Highlighter as it's just so beautiful. But I'd definitely recommend trying all of these! I'm also excited to try more Nip + Fab products as I honestly love this contour palette.

Let me know what you've been loving at the minute and if there's any brands I need to try! I hope you all have an amazing weekend. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Letting Go Of Toxic Relationships

Heyyyyy guys, I hope you're all having a lovely day (or afternoon/evening depending on when you're reading this!) I have definitely been feeling rather cathartic recently and I really wanted to do a post on letting go of toxic relationships in the hopes that it will help some of you guys out there if you're struggling with this situation. 

As I write this post, I have had quite a thoughtful day about all the things which you shouldn't have to put up with in a relationship and how to overcome them without feeling guilty. I've definitely always been a people pleaser, I will keep quiet even when jokes are being told at my expense just to avoid confrontation and arguments. I will tolerate a lot of things which quite frankly, I shouldn't be tolerating and overall I put up with a lot of crap which I really shouldn't have to deal with.

Over the past couple of years. i've definitely gotten better at cutting out people who are having a negative impact on my life, I just won't tolerate it anymore. I will be 23 in March next year and I just have no more time to spend on relationships where I end up feeling mocked, belittled and hurt by people who are supposed to care for and support me.


Whether you're in a romantic relationship, or a platonic friendship, not everyone is meant to be together. There are some people who have such different personality traits and expectations that you don't have to get along with everyone. I used to try to hard to be everyone's friend, but then I realised that it's okay not to get along with some people and you don't have to feel guilty about it. 


I wouldn't call myself a boring person, I love a good joke and a bit of banter but not at my expense. I definitely used to be the kind of person who would put up with it just for the sake of not wanting to upset or argue with anyone but I just feel like i've well outgrown the childish mentality of making fun of other people for a bit of entertainment. Making fun of someone is never okay, regardless of the excuse, you shouldn't have to put up with it.


This is one which I haven't really thought about until this year, when I have a friendship with someone I like the contact to be a regular thing e.g. Talk to them regularly, meet up every once in a while that sort of thing. Sure, there are the very rare cases when you have such a special relationship with someone that time apart doesn't matter, but as a whole you shouldn't have to invest emotional energy into friends who are never around.


I've experienced quite a lot of this, mainly when I was at school, but you should never put up with those friends who only care about their own agenda and not yours. There's been times where i've been ready to combust, but there's that one person who never wants to hear about it and will only talk about their problems. Talking about issues going on is healthy in whatever relationship, but it has to be a two sided thing. Don't put up with someone who neglects your feelings and prioritises their own.

You should never feel guilty about letting a relationship fade out, especially if it's one which has caused you emotional distress, life is too short to be wasted with people who aren't prepared to take your feelings into consideration and treat you horribly.

I hope this advice has been somewhat helpful to some of you, it's definitely a subject which is often a hard one to talk about but you have to put yourself and your mental health first. Taking care of yourself is so important and if that means cutting off harmful relationships then you should do that.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!